Rokoko is driving a paradigm
shift in how creators work with animation and digital motion.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with teams located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Athens, our vision at Rokoko is to give all creative teams access to quick, non-intrusive and intuitive animation tools.

After founding our company in 2014, we immediately embarked on designing and producing our current flagship product, the Smartsuit Pro, which is an inertial motion capture suit that has now been shipped to more than 100 countries. The product was designed to make professional motion capture accessible to all creators. Today, the many thousands of users across a wide variety of skill-levels and application cases attest to that goal having been achieved.

After the Smartsuit Pro, we launched both our Smartgloves for finger tracking and our facial motion capture solution. On top of that, we have released the Motion Library, the world’s largest marketplace of motion assets where users can find AAA-quality motion capture assets, created by professional mocap studios, and purchase them for $3 or $6 per asset.

Lastly, we're constantly expanding the software suite behind all the magic, Rokoko Studio, with new and exciting animation features. This powerful motion editing tool will increasingly become a one-stop-shop for all character animation work, regardless of what software or hardware tool you decide to pair it with.

All these products are aimed at making access to creating, editing, and collaborating with professional 3D character animation quick, intuitive and accessible anywhere. As a result, one-man army indie creators as well as some of the biggest animation production companies in the world all choose Rokoko’s tools for their animation pipelines.
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“A great creative process is free of constraints and without a constant worrying about budgets, technical expertise, and practicalities. You should let your imagination take control and be spontaneous and bold when you are inspired. We’re designing all our products to be intuitive to use, super quick to set up, and accessible anywhere. We believe in a non-linear workflow where you can get the right idea at any moment during a creative process, and our tools should be right there and ready for you no matter when inspiration strikes.
Jakob Balslev
Founder & CEO