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An international team of enthusiastic creatives, engineers and marketeers. Join our journey from Copenhagen, Athens, the USA or Tokyo.

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Who we are

We are an international company specialising in digitising human motion. We offer a range of hardware and software products to allow creators to create professional 3D Character animation.

From a one-person army to some of the worlds largest animation production companies, our mission is to democratise motion capture and provide affordable tools for professional animation.

Photo of the team from Rokoko's party

Behind the curtains

We are a happy mixed bunch of creatives, tech nerds, world-class software and hardware engineers, 3D artists, business people, one philosopher, one idealist, thousands of sensors, and a co-founder who only wants to sit on orange chairs. We are creative, driven, and passionate about what we do. We’re looking for talented teammates that can join us to build creative tools within art, entertainment, film, research, education or health.