About us

Rokoko is a hardware startup and the inventor of the sensor-based motion capture solution, the Smartsuit that will democratize character animation. The grand vision is to introduce a way to achieve a natural physical presence in the virtual world.

Meet the team

Our goal

To make an intuitive, accessible, and mobile body interface that enables physical virtual presence.

Meet the team

Jakob Balslev

Founder & CEO

Matias Søndergaard

Co-founder & CPO

Maziar Zamani


Mikkel Lucas Overby


Anders Klok

Co-founder & 3D Tech Wizard

Sophie Bech

Head of Experiences

Jacob Behrndtz

3D Artist

Karoline O. Andersen

Clothing Designer

Niels Konrad

UX Designer

Nicole Winans

Digital Media Coordinator

Dimitrios V. Karavias

Software Developer

Mauricio Vanegas

Development Engineer

Mirek Fus

Hardware Engineer

Nicholas Hansen

Development Engineer

Work with us

With our vibrant HQ in Copenhagen and a rapidly growing office in San Francisco, we are looking to expand our brilliant team for the continous development of our Smartsuits.

We are a happy mixed bunch of creatives, tech nerds, world-class software and hardware engineers, 3D artists, business people, philosophers, idealists, thousands of cables, and a VR HMD always within reach.

Check out our job openings below and don’t be shy!!

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