Academic bundle

An entire motion capture studio in one markerless suit that enables educators and students to turn any space into a motion capture stage. Read more

  • Fully mobile. Turn your classroom into a motion capture stage - the Smartsuit Pro can be setup anywhere quickly.

  • Simple to learn, easy to use, professional quality. Minimize setup time and technical challenges. Skip straight to working with motion capture.

  • Broad use, essential skills. Knowledge of human motion is required in subjects ranging from visual arts and animation to biomechanics. The Smartsuit Pro can provide high-level overviews as well as in-depth understandings of the mechanics of motion.

1 x Smartsuit Pro



3 x Smartsuit Pro



5 x Smartsuit Pro




"It is the mobility, ease of use and the dramatically low price that sets the system apart."

Mike Seymour, The University of Sydney


Do I qualify for getting the academic discount?

Everybody who works in an educational institutions and wishes to use the Smartsuit Pro for education or research qualify for getting the academic discount. We generally validate potential academic customers by their e-mail address.

How do you process orders from academic institutions?

Orders from academic institutions need to be validated before they are accepted. When we receive the order, we validate it and then we send out an official quote for the order. The academic institution may then either accept the quote and pay by credit card or wire transfer or send us a purchase order for the product and receive an invoice.

How do I manage my recordings when several teachers and students use the Smartsuit Pro?

The Smartsuit Studio software allows you to create different user profiles, so that the individual teacher and researcher and the individual student can use their own body measurements and keep track of exactly what work they have been doing.