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Smartsuit tutorials

General intro to Smartsuit Studio

This video gives a brief overview of the most essential functions within Smartsuit Studio. These main features and settings will give you the base knowledge to start capturing motion.

How to create a new project

This video gives quick instructions for how to create and save a project. This will allow you to save your captured motion sequences.

How to perform a correct straight pose

This video demonstrates how to perform a correct straight pose in order to calibrate your suit before beginning a capture session. It goes further and explains why the pose must be performed correctly to prevent inaccurate data capture.

How to record and export as FBX

This video shows how you can record a take, and then export it straightaway as your chosen file format. The file is then available to use in your 3D software of choice.

How to export FBX and use in Unity

This video explains step by step how to export an FBX file and then import it into Unity. It also covers how to arrange your character and utilise captured data once imported into Unity.

How to export FBX and use in Motionbuilder

This video covers how to export an FBX file and then import it into Motionbuilder. It also goes into detail about how to apply the data to a character within Motionbuilder.

How to create a body profile in Smartsuit Studio

In this tutorial we go through the process of creating and applying body profiles to the character in Smartsuit Studio.

How to setup battery and hub for the first time

In this video we show you how you get started your Smartsuit Pro up and running and demonstrate just how easy it is to connect the hub to a battery.

How to correctly configure your firewall

In this video we show you how to make sure that your firewall is not blocking your Smartsuit Pro.

How to avoid magnetic interference

This video explains how to best avoid any magnetic interference, and how the green and yellow colors on the Smartsuit diagram in the software shows you if a sensor is affected by any metal nearby or not.

How to setup WiFi and IP

In this video we go through all the steps necessary when connecting your Smartsuit to your computer and configuring the WiFi in Smartsuit Studio correctly.