Real-time 3D Character Animation in MotionBuilder

How to use 3D character animation and motion capture in MotionBuilder

With Rokoko's animation and mocap tools, you have two options of how to work with your data in MotionBuilder. You can either export a file from Rokoko Studio and import that to MotionBuilder,´ or, even better, you can use our Rokoko Studio Live plugin to stream your data directly onto your custom character in MotionBuilder. Read on to find out how!
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Livestream your data directly onto your custom character in MotionBuilder

With our Rokoko Studio Live plugin, you can stream your live or recorded motion capture data directly onto your custom character in MotionBuilder. With this workflow, you can see your animations directly in your scene and adjust your performance in real-time. Jump straight into your own work and immerse yourself completely in your creation.
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"The brief to ‘bring colour to life’ was fulfilled by the digital creativity of our team, mapping brush stroke beings made out of paint onto the quick, dynamic, precise movements of professional dancers."
Trizz Studio
"Rokoko is the perfect company for what I’m trying to do because their price point is very accessible and their motion capture suit is usable pretty much anywhere"
Jon Finger
film director
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How are users working with motion capture and 3D character animation in MotionBuilder?
Autodesk’s MotionBuilder is the most widely used tool for editing and live-streaming motion capture data. It can be used for both virtual cinematography, motion capture, and traditional keyframe animation.

The most common usage in our field is for cleaning up your motion capture data and streaming it into other engines such as Unity and Unreal.

Many of our  high-end users use MotionBuilder to do the final tweaks on their recorded motion capture data before they use it in their final 3D tool. The ability to write custom scripts and the fact that MotionBuilder has been used in so many productions, has made it an industry standard.

As such, MotionBuilder can be perfectly used with any Rokoko tools and grant you great results regardless of your level of expertise.
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