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A New Chapter in Motion Capture

The second edition of the world’s most popular mocap suit combines impressive motion tracking technology with effortless configuration to elevate indie creators and speed up studio workflows.
New functionality that allows you to record your character moving on the y-axis, covering stairs, ladders, and off-ground recording.
With an impressive 200 FPS streaming resolution, you can expect significantly less cleanup.
We’ve upgraded the accelerometers from 8g to 16g range, meaning you can put the suit through more rigorous movement, like fighting, running, jumping and falling, without compromising on data quality.
With improved cable, sensor, textile fit and manufacturing, your suit is built to withstand the most strenuous environments.
Advancements in inertial technology cater for a significant reduction in drift, meaning more reliable and longer streaming times.
Simplify the setup with one-click Smartgloves integration into the redesigned Hub, meaning only one source of power for both the gloves and suit.
Ready for Multi-Level Tracking
Better Locomotion
Optimized for High Impact Use
Improved Durability
Better Accuracy Over Time
Native Smartgloves Integration
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Clean raw mocap data ready for use

Like the data quality in this video? Test the uncleaned mocap data from the Smartsuit Pro II for yourself, exactly as it was captured in real-time during the shoot and exported from Rokoko Studio.
Download the RAW mocap files

Smartsuit Pro II Features

An entire motion capture studio in one wireless suit
Full body suit with IMU sensors
Takes less than a minute to setup and calibrate
Connect to your computer via Wi-Fi (100m range) so you’re not limited by wires or cameras.
Multiple sizes (S, M, L, XL)
Washable textile
Supported formats FBX, BVH and CSV


Capture every detail of your performance at once in the same scene.
Professional quality finger tracking for all creators
FaceCap Body Mount
Easily add facial animation to your 3D characters

One-click integrations for your favourite 3D tools

With Rokoko Studio Live, you can stream your recorded or live data directly into our native plugins for Unreal, Unity, Maya, Blender, and MotionBuilder.
Create with Smartsuit Pro
Inertial mocap suit,
set up in less than a minute
Edit in Rokoko Studio
Rokoko's powerful motion editing software allows you to enhance and tailor your recordings
Stream your data into
all major 3D tools
You can stream your data directly
onto your custom character with our native plugins in your 3D software of choice
“An inertial suit can be used pretty much anywhere - if I’m using motion capture I want to use it for everything. Not just simple animations, I want to run, I want to fall, I want to do stunts… I was impressed on every front by the Rokoko Smartsuit so that’s why I chose it.”
Loacher Films
“For an independent artist like me, Rokoko has given me a big production value and an invaluable asset for my own home: to be capable of bringing the suit everywhere and working anywhere made my life as an animator so much easier.”

What’s included in the box

The Smartsuit Pro setup is incredibly simple and quick. When you order, you will receive a textile suit with the electronic parts (sensors, cables, hub) already embedded and ready for use. You will also receive our waterproof suit cover for when you are on the go. If you ever want to wash your suit, just take out the electronics, wash it, and put them back in.


A powerful mini-computer on
your lower back

Textile suit

Comfortable, breathable and

Suit cover

A waterproof Smartsuit cover
for travel and protection

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Studio-quality stagecraft, indie-friendly pricing

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