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Choosing the right motion capture tools can be difficult. Our user reviews will shed more light on how Rokoko compares to other brands like Xsens, Perception Neuron, HTC Vive, Kinect, Optitrack etc. The indie developers below have built a reliable and time-saving animation workflow around the Smartsuit Pro, the Smartgloves and Face Capture in Rokoko Studio and Studio Live.

Loacher Films’ Peter Csikasz creates Star Wars fan shorts that make you forget you're not watching a George Lucas production.
Loacher Films’ Peter Csikasz now also uses the Smartgloves for finger animation in his VFX pipeline.
Legendary Stunt Performer Dave Macomber uses the Smartsuit Pro to animate characters in his own story telling projects.
Award-Winning Motion Graphics Artist Jonathan Winbush regularly jumps in the Smartsuit Pro to produce animations across a wide variety of VFX projects.

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Why don't you try and review our motion capture tools for yourself? Rokoko is the only motion capture manufacturer that offers a full 30-day trial period (from delivery) with refund guarantee. We're only happy if you are.

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Indie filmmaker Jon Finger likes to experiment with motion capture.
Royal Skies' mission is to help people master 3D content creation, and using motion capture to speed up the animation process is part of that.
Brian from 3D Animation Hub wants to spread knowledge on 3D content creation best practices and pipeline structure, including mocap.
KingCeryn's wide range of skills in 3D content production show how mocap can be used in many creative ways.