We're facing production delays.

We're facing shipping delays due to the downstream impact of the COVID pandemic on the supply of technical components in our suits. Due to the unpredictability of this, it has become increasingly difficult to accurately estimate shipping times. We're aware that this can cause frustration to both existing customers and those of you who are considering purchasing from us. We hear you. We're doing all we can to give you our best estimates with the info available at the time. We've definitely learned a lot from that process and we're striving to be better.

So let's address this. Our mission as a company is to democratise animation and empower independent creators. Inertial technology requires hundreds of unique components, sourced from different manufacturers, and in order to give you a product that's high quality and cheaper than traditional motion capture tools, we have to breach the boundaries of what's historically been possible. This makes us prone to vulnerabilities in the semi-conductor market due to COVID, specifically on both the supply of parts, as well as shipping container times to Europe, and the cost of shipping (which has 5x'd during COVID). We do, however, have an incredible R&D and product team sitting between Copenhagen and Athens who have redesigned our electronic parts from the ground up, and we have invested heavily in bringing on board a third-party manufacturing facility in Denmark that'll allow us to increase production volume while also improving quality. This takes time, but we are now sending out more suits on a weekly basis than we've ever done before (also compared with pre-COVID)—so we're working through the backlog and hoping to bring it to zero in the next few months. On top of that, these changes also allow us to bring new, improved products to the market, faster. You'll be hearing more about this in the coming months. Scaling a hardware company is never easy, especially during COVID, but we're proud of the determination Rokoko employees have, and the progress we've made over the last 6 months.

We understand that we've missed shipping deadlines and made promises we weren't able to keep. We tried our best and we genuinely wish things would have been different. We hate making excuses for this, but please understand that this is our priority number one. This is also new to us, and we make mistakes along the way, but we learn from them, and we appreciate the support and patience from our community. We'll be better at being more transparent about this, starting with more accurate shipping estimates on our website.

Thank you for your understanding, and if there's anything you'd like us to address specifically, feel free to reach out to hi@rokoko.com. If you'd like to know more about the specific delays of your order, please reach out to customersuccess@rokoko.com

— The Rokoko team

Frequently Asked Questions

If I order today, when will I get it?

If you order today, the current estimate is around 8-9 weeks. In some cases, this is much faster, and in some, it can be a bit longer. We understand that this can cause issues and we're here to help. At any point, you can refund your order for a full refund, and the 30-day money back guarantee starts from the day you receive the goods.

I purchased a paid subscription to your software - but can't use it since the gear is delayed.

You decide when your software license is activated, and we recommend just using our free Studio software until you receive the hardware, unless you want to test some very specific use-cases that require premium features.

Why do the estimates keep getting pushed back?

We understand this is very frustrating. Unfortunately, the semi-conductor market is extremely volatile right now and that means it's unpredictable. Between our Smartsuit Pro, Smartgloves, and the Hub, we have more than 300 individual components that we rely on dozens of suppliers from all around the world to source. Often, we build our internal estimates based on the promises of these various suppliers, who are then unable to meet them due to unforeseen events in the global markets. We understand that that might come across as an excuse, but it's the truth. It's on us, though. This is something that we need to work through and this is our absolute number one priority right now.

While you may have experienced your estimates being pushed back, we can confirm that we are sending out hundreds of suits every month, and at an increasing rate. We send out the updates as we are trying to be as transparent as we possibly can, and since we understand that many of you have projects that rely on mocap, we want to make sure you are aware if you have to make other arrangements.