Levente Szabo: Mocap for animation by a self-taught 3D artist

July 31, 2019
5 min read

Levente Szabo is a self taught 3D artist who is currently using the Smartsuit Pro to bring his project to life. His animation pipeline is a combination of using his Smartsuit Pro with Reallusion’s iClone Motion Live and Unreal Engine.

As Levente describes his workflow using these tools, he tells us how he tries his best to mimic other motion references and similar camera cutscenes. This is a great way for him to learn as a self-taught 3D artist. Being that he didn’t go to school to study 3D art, it’s essential for him to be able to use tools that are easy to learn. The Smartsuit Pro was designed in this way to help make it more accessible to everyone.

"In the future using Rokoko’s Smartsuit Pro, thousands of dreams, visions and stories will be able to come to life"

Levente describes his vision as being able to tell interesting stories and to show that one man is capable of making entertaining videos using real-time technology. With these tools at his disposal, Levente is able to work out of his own space and create his own stories to tell without the help of others. He thinks that as real-time technology continues to evolve, we will start to see more small studios and individual creators have a chance at playing a greater role in this industry. We couldn’t agree more!

Levente is one of many solo creators out there who’s working to leave their footprint as a creator in this industry. Tools like this did not exist a handful of years ago and now that they are available, we are seeing a surge of talented people utilizing the Smartsuit Pro and similar tools to create really amazing and inspiring work. This is why Rokoko set out to create tools like this. We want to be able to democratize motion capture with all of our tools and we’re happy to help users like Levente achieve their dreams!

If you want to follow Levente and he projects, follow him on his YouTube channel and Artstation page.

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