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What is Motion Capture?
Motion Capture (or “mocap”) is the term used to describe the process of digitizing human (or in some cases animal) motion. It is primarily used in entertainment, sports, health, biomechanics, ergonomics, and robotics.
In character animation for films, games and performances, motion capture more specifically refers to recording and transferring motion from human (or sometimes animal) actors to computer-generated character models.

We at Rokoko think that access to motion capture and 3D character animation in general has been restricted to the rich and the few for way too long. Traditional systems are simply too expensive, too hard to use, dependent on big dedicated studios that most creators don't have access to.

We have built a range of high-end character animation tools (both hardware and software) that all creators, regardless of budget or technical expertise, can access. And we're only just getting started!