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Artwork by Kris Theorin, Fadhlan Irsyad, Jonas Wiede, Kar Ayvazovsky, Niels Ramses Kullack from the animation challenge ‘Alternate Realities’ hosted by Pwnisher

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Raw uncleaned motion capture data with Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves, captured in Rokoko Studio

Stormtrooper in outdoor environment

Artwork by Loacher films

"If I'm using motion capture I want to use it for everything. Not just simple animations, I want to run, I want to fall, I want to do stunts... I was impressed on every front by the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro, so that's why I chose it."
Loacher Films
3D Artist & Filmmaker

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Artwork from Ian Hubert's "HyperBole! The Hyperball Hates You" production

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Artwork by Marco Mori & Jon Noorlander