Sensor Fusion 2.0: More accuracy, less drift

February 24, 2023
5 min read
Sam Lazarus

Below, please find a transcript of the video tutorial. Enjoy!



Hi all. Today we're excited to announce our Sensor Fusion 2.0 update to the Smartsuit Pro II. This update will deliver improved protection from magnetic interference thanks to the new advanced magnetic stabilisation algorithm that we're using now. In environments where there's a lot of metal and magnetic interference, you'll experience less drift and smoother, more accurate tracking. You can expect much better walk and running tracking as well. If we check out this example with some running motion capture on the left, we have the old firmware, and on the right we have the new Sensor Fusion 2.0 firmware update. And immediately you can see that on the right we have a lot less intersection of the legs and crossing of the legs. Weird kind of wonky jitteriness, and this is just raw sensor data, which will get even better once it's run through Rokoko Studio. So these are the kind of results we're already seeing with this firmware update.


Magnetic Interference

For many of you, especially those that don't experience magnetic drift, you might not notice a huge difference at first. But for those of you who do experience magnetic interference, maybe you work near large metal equipment or in studios with metal reinforced concrete floors, you will notice hopefully a huge difference. In fact, in internal testing, we've noticed a 24% increase in the quality. You can see that over the course of about 10 minutes. The pre Sensor Fusion 2.0 firmware drifts significantly, and we can see this, especially if we overlay the initial position over where it ends up.

Update firmware in Studio

Now, just to be clear, this does not completely eliminate magnetic interference. That's not what this firmware update does for. What it does do is ultimately reduce drift, which leads to better, more accurate mocap tracking. You'll be able to access this new firmware version within Rokoko Studio. You just need to go into Studio, plug in your Smartsuit Pro II, and you'll be offered the hub firmware update, version 2.7 0.3, which contains our Sensor Fusion 2.0 update. That's it. If you have any more questions, please put them down in the comments below. But we are really excited about this update. Let us know how it goes. Bye everyone.


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