The best motion capture tools for 3D Animation, a 2023 comparison from Daydream Studios

September 29, 2023
10 min read

In the video titled "The BEST Motion Capture Suit for 3D Animation | 2023 Comparison," Corey Williams from Daydream Studios discusses various motion capture solutions he has personally worked with or is knowledgeable about. His goal is to help viewers determine which motion capture solution is best suited for their needs, potentially saving them thousands of dollars.

Introduction to Motion Capture Solutions

Corey starts by introducing the concept of motion capture solutions and emphasizes that there isn't a single "best" solution. Each has unique strengths and weaknesses that make them suitable for different projects. He aims to provide insights to help viewers make an informed decision.

AI-Based Mocap Solutions - Move AI, AR51 and Rokoko Vision

Corey delves into AI-based solutions, starting with Move AI. He highlights its advantages, such as suitability for outdoor use, tracking various body types, and its potential for capturing complex movements. However, he acknowledges limitations like the absence of hand and finger tracking and the lack of real-time feedback.

Next, he discusses AR51, a similar AI-based video to animation solution. Corey notes that while it offers real-time tracking, it comes at a higher cost and still faces challenges in hand tracking and certain movements.

Rokoko Vision: at the time of Corey’s video, Rokoko Vision hadn’t been released, you can read the announcement here as it introduces Rokoko’s own AI based motion capture solution, with a free plan for single camera tracking and a paid plan for dual camera tracking (with a 14-day trial), access it here. Though we are obviously biassed, our own internal testing showed that Rokoko Vision performed better (i.e. higher motion fidelity and less clean up required) than Move AI and AR51, which many CG, VFX and Animation YouTube channels, like Corridor Crew, seem to confirm.

Motion Capture Suits - Rokoko, Perception Neuron, and Xsens

Corey shifts the focus to inertial motion capture suits, beginning with Rokoko’s Smartsuit Pro II. He describes Rokoko, a Danish motion capture and animation company, as suitable for game development and short animations but not ideal for very long streaming sessions due to occasional tracking issues related to magnetic interference and reliance on a stable Wi-Fi signal. A big upside is the integrated finger and face capture, in a single real-time package (learn more here).

He briefly mentions Perception Neuron, a Chinese product, as another option but doesn't provide extensive details, as it seems to lack user generated content testifying to its reliability.

Corey then discusses Xsens motion capture suits, categorizing them into three tiers. He covers the lower-tier Xsens suit, which has limitations due to numerous trackers and battery issues. The mid-tier Xsens Awinda offers a more stable experience, and the top-tier Xsens MVN Link, which Corey personally uses, provides exceptional real-time tracking but is limited in certain movements and requires careful handling. The downside, for all Xsens suits, is their high price point (both the hardware and software) compared to Rokoko and Perception Neuron, though the tracking accuracy is close to being similar.


Vicon and OptiTrack - High-End Optical Motion Capture Solution

Corey proceeds to discusses Vicon and Optitrack, which are high-end optical motion capture systems known for their high fidelity tracking quality. However, it comes at a steep price and requires users to stay within a specific tracking volume. Corey mentions the VR motion capture experience he had with Vicon at a conference. He points out that users need to invest in a dedicated tracking space with multiple cameras to maximize their potential.


Corey wraps up the video by encouraging viewers to leave comments if they want his opinion on motion capture solutions not covered in the video. He highlights the importance of choosing the right solution for one's specific needs and budget and expresses his hope that the information provided has been helpful to the audience.

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