Can AI beat an experienced 3D Artist at Blender? Kaizen Tutorials challenges AI to an animation competition

August 28, 2023
10 min read

Kaizen, a Blender 3D Artist and teacher of a wide range of Blender workflows through his popular YouTube channel Kaizen Tutorials, challenges an AI to an animation battle, in his latest video "AI vs. 3D Artist - Who Will Win?!" Watch along as we witness Kaizen pitting his 3D artistry against his AI alter ego “K.A.I”. This competition aims to showcase whether human ingenuity and creativity still reign supreme in the realm of 3D animation, or if AI is poised to take over the animation process. Three animation-related challenges are set in motion to determine the victor in this fascinating and futuristic showdown.

The Bouncy Ball Challenge: Animation Basics

In the first challenge, Kaizen embarks on crafting a bouncy ball animation using traditional animation techniques. He meticulously focuses on keyframe positions, the application of squash and stretch principles, and the art of precise timing to bring the bouncing ball to life. Kaizen's expertise and artistic flair shine through as he painstakingly crafts the animation, dedicating around 30 minutes to this endeavour. In contrast, K.A.I.’s attempt falls short as the ball inexplicably traverses through the floor, underscoring the limitations of AI in replicating the bouncing ball animation. Human animator: 1, AI animation: 0.

The Rigging Challenge: Auto Rigging vs. Manual Rigging

The second challenge revolves around rigging a character for animation. Kaizen opts to utilize a Blender add-on called Auto-Rig Pro to expedite the process, although some manual adjustments are needed to achieve the desired rig. This approach seamlessly marries technology and the artist's creative input, though it does require a bit of effort. K.A.I, on the other hand, employs an AI tool called Accurig to perform automatic rigging with apparent ease. AI takes the lead in this round, delivering a swiftly rigged character that is fully ready for animation, leaving Kaizen in awe. Human animator: 1, AI animation: 1.

The Character Animation Challenge: Human vs. AI Motion Capture

For the final challenge, Kaizen secures a full-body motion capture suit from Rokoko to gain an advantage. He proceeds to create intricate character animations, encompassing actions like jumping jacks, punches, and kicks, all thanks to the advanced motion capture technology of the Rokoko mocap kit. Simultaneously, K.A.I. uses an AI-powered tool, called Rokoko Vision, to process the movements performed by Kaizen from a single camera video input. Both animations are presented side by side, with Kaizen's human-crafted animation prevailing as the best one. However, he also acknowledges the impressive capabilities of the Rokoko Vision AI tool, especially as it is completely free to use. Human animator: 2, AI animation: 1.


Kaizen’s video reaches a harmonious conclusion, with Kaizen and K.A.I. deciding to become friends rather than adversaries. Both acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses inherent in human creativity and AI technology within the field of 3D animation. In a generous gesture, Kaizen offers a Rokoko motion capture suit to a fortunate viewer. The overarching message is that while AI can excel in specific aspects of 3D animation, it can also harmoniously coexist with human creativity, fostering collaboration and growth within the industry.

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