Eddaheim release their flagship game Neon Knights: Humanity Erased

August 5, 2022
5 min read

Go behind the scenes with Eddaheim, a Copenhagen-based digital studio, as they develop their first flagship game Neon Knights: Humanity Erased, with characters powered by Rokoko motion capture and Unreal Engine.

As a follow up to the project undertaken by graduate students at the Danish Film School, "Eddaheim was sown in the summer of 2020. Three Film School students had a vision of what Copenhagen would look like in a dystopian cyber noir setting. Neon Knights started as a cinematic benchmark proving our technology and performance pipeline. The graduation project resulted in our first digital copy of Lars Mikkelsen, and a demonstration of our capabilities. We leveraged the real-time film to secure financing through the Danish Film Institute and the first prototype of our game in 2021."

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