Five Coil Pro features that will transform your mocap workflow

November 23, 2023
5 min read

As we're getting closer to shipping out the first Coil Pro's to those of you who pre-ordered it, we're thrilled to break down five key features that make the the Coil Pro a game-changer in motion capture technology.

We've been fine-tuning this EMF tracking gem during the final development phase (watch the video below to see a bit of Copenhagen office action), and we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities it brings to motion capture workflows.

Join us as we delve into the key enhancements, from improved mocap accuracy to seamless interactions with props, operating accurate standalone finger tracking, enabling live musical performances, and enhancing multi-actor interactions.

Improved mocap accuracy

We're proud to introduce a significant boost in mocap accuracy for the Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves, with the Coil Pro. Harnessing electromagnetic field technology (EMF), this device precisely tracks hands' absolute positions in space. No more hand intersections – just a seamless interaction with digital objects.

Watch above how the Coil Pro's heightened fidelity, in real-time, results in less time spent editing and cleaning up in post-production.

Boost mocap accuracy for your Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves with Coil Pro

Seamless two-handed prop interaction

We're also very excited about the Coil Pro's impact on two-handed prop interactions. Traditional motion capture systems often struggle with hand placement accuracy, leading to tedious post-capture cleanup.

With the Coil Pro, Sam's demonstration showcases flawless interaction with a pistol, a two-handed rifle, and other weapons, which can be any object or prop an actor could have to handle in a performance. The consistent, accurate hand positions promise to significantly reduce post-production editing efforts.

Handle props with always-correct placement in 3D space

Gloves only: accurate standalone finger tracking

A groundbreaking feature we're proud to present: the ability to run global positioning of finger placement with the Smartgloves and Coil Pro only, meaning you can run the system without a Smartsuit Pro and still get perfect finger and hand placements in 3D space.


This was not possible before, as the gloves could only track rotational data and relied on the suit's IK system for their placement in 3D space. The possibilities and applications are very wide, particularly for VTubers, and we expect that the millimetre accuracy might attract users beyond the entertainment space.

Global positioning of fingers, without the need for a Smartsuit Pro

Enhanced live musical performances

Our enthusiasm extends to the potential for live musical performances with the Coil Pro. Beyond ensuring accurate hand placement for instruments and DJ equipment, the Coil Pro addresses the issue of global drift over time thanks to the EMF technology. By extrapolating the Smartsuit's position based on known Smartglove positions (the Smartgloves also use EMF technology), the Coil Pro minimizes drift during live performances. This improvement is set to make motion capture workflows in live musical scenarios more robust and reliable.

As you can clearly see in Sam's demo video above, playing the keyboard or the guitar with accurate finger placement over time works really well, and it's a real game changer for users that have this as a hard requirement for their productions.

Live performances get perfect finger and body positioning overt time

Multi-actor interactions

Last but not least, we're wrapping up by highlighting a fifth key feature: multi-actor interaction are now also greatly facilitated thanks to the Coil Pro. In traditional inertial motion capture setups, achieving accurate positioning for multiple digital actors often demands post-capture cleanup. The Coil Pro streamlines this process, automatically handling a significant portion of the alignment during recording.

This feature is poised to simplify complex motion capture setups involving multiple actors, saving time and effort in the editing phase, and more clarity during the capture phase.

Reduce clean-up in post thanks to enhanced multi-actor interaction accuracy


Just like Sam, all of us here at Rokoko are eagerly anticipating the release of the Coil Pro and can't wait to see how you will benefit from it in your animation projects. Stay tuned as we will be releasing more Coil Pro content in the coming weeks. To pre-order the Coil Pro (at a 15% discount), head over to this page.

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