Enjoy consistent tracking accuracy with the Coil Pro

For the first time in motion capture history, harness the power of hybrid EMF & IMU sensor data to achieve optical-grade global positioning without cameras.

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The industry's favorite mocap system

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5 ways the Coil Pro levels up your workflow

With Coil Pro's ground truth spatial data, intricate drumming or delicate piano playing in extended live musical performances become seamlessly achievable. Perform in a real-time virtual environment with the confidence that every key press is mirrored accurately in the digital realm, ensuring perfect synchronisation between your physical movements and virtual actions.

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Perfect alignment of actors in the virtual space has always been a challenge for all inertial motion capture systems. Now, capture the subtleties of multi-actor scenes with ease, from elaborate fight choreography to intricate prop interactions. With the Coil Pro’s precise spatial positioning, you can achieve in minutes what used to take hours of post-production cleanup, streamlining your process and saving valuable time.

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The Coil Pro uses the Smartgloves to improve the global position of the Smartsuit Pro II, therefore eliminating root drift of the suit, giving you perfect alignment between the physical and virtual worlds. This makes streaming into your final 3D scene in Unity, Unreal, Blender far more accurate and reliable during extended takes and recording sessions that previously may have been an issue.

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Traditional inertial systems don’t have the accuracy required for two-handed prop interactions to work out-of-the-box. With the Coil Pro’s spatial awareness of the gloves' position in space, reliable prop tracking is now effortless, eliminating most of the post-production corrections that were once necessary.

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Perfect for virtual productions like VTubing, VR/AR development, or live performances such as DJing, the Coil Pro unlocks new realms of glove-only digital expression without the need for a full Smartsuit Pro II setup. Furthermore, this enables the Smartgloves to be used with other motion capture systems, such as optical volumes.

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Minimize clean-up with the Coil Pro, for only $1,995

The Coil Pro requires the Smartgloves and Rokoko Studio to be connected to establish the EMF absolute position tracking.

Use the Smartgloves by themselves, or also connect the Smartsuit Pro II, for a full body capture experience that removes drift and occlusion in real-time thanks to global positioning for body and fingers.

Refund guarantee: risk-free 30-day trial

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Artwork by @CinemaMotions using Coil Pro

“If you’re doing motion capture professionally, buy it. It will save you time and money in the long run, and I’m sure that once you get comfortable with all the tools Rokoko offers, you’ll be able to make all your money back in 2 or 3 projects, which is absolutely absurd!”
Carson Reed, aka @CinemaMotions
Cinematic Animator & VFX Artist

Level up your animations
with the Coil Pro’s EMF capture precision

Get markerless global tracking accuracy

Coil Pro sets a new standard in capturing accurate human movement in 3D space without the need for cameras and markers.

Refund guarantee: risk-free 30-day trial

Drift-free, occlusion-free mocap

Unlock ground-truth accuracy for your Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves thanks to hybrid IMU and EMF technology

Accurate multi-actor interactions

Experience the magic of flawless multi-actor interactions with absolute positioning for the Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves

Lift Smartsuit Pro II & Smartgloves

Experience drift-free motion with remarkable accuracy over time and drastically reduced mocap recording clean up

Precise finger & prop placement

Capture intricate hand and finger motions, with perfectly placed hands and fingers in 3D space, also when handling props

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Capture body, finger & face motions in sync

Enjoy a full body tracking experience with the only integrated & real-time sensor based mocap system on the market.

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Combine the Smartsuit Pro II, Smartgloves and Face Capture to track your entire body's motions at once.