It’s Time to Ditch the Bulky Helmets: Rokoko Unveils World’s Lightest Face Mocap Device

May 22, 2024
5 min read

Rokoko, the leader in affordable motion capture technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Headcam. Designed to address the long-standing issues of cumbersome, bulky helmets and the impracticality of iPhones dangling over your face, the Headcam offers a non-intrusive, portable, and versatile solution for real-time face capture at an accessible pre-order price of just $495.

Goodbye Bulky Helmets

Everyone has seen footage of large, uncomfortable, and restrictive helmets used by motion capture actors. Rokoko's Headcam eliminates these issues with its lightweight, ergonomic design, offering unrestricted freedom of movement without the neck-aches. Weighing just 240 grams, the Headcam features a high-resolution 60 fps camera, dimmable LED lights, and a built-in microphone, all housed within a perfectly balanced and adjustable head rig.

Jakob Balslev, Founder and CEO of Rokoko, explains

“We created the Headcam to solve the problem of the bulky and often comically impractical helmet that has dominated the facial motion capture industry.. As the demand for animation and 3D content continues to explode, we believe it’s crucial to offer tools that are not only effective for professionals but also accessible to creators at all levels.”

Empowering creators in the age of 3d and animation

In line with Rokoko’s product ethos, the Headcam is designed to be workflow-agnostic, and can integrate with AccuFACE, Faceware, VSeeFace for a multitude of use-cases. Furthermore, Rokoko's new Face Capture app for Android also comes with its own mocap solver, which is included free for the first 12 months with pre-orders, and syncs the Headcam directly to their Studio software enabling real time full-body performance capture. This adaptability makes the Headcam an essential tool for a wide range of animation and 3D projects, from indie animators to professional studios.

Balslev continues that “Camera-based solutions are often impractical, but essential for face capture since sensors can’t be placed on the face. There's a clear lack of sensible solutions for smooth face filming. With the Headcam, we’ve addressed this need and are excited to see what our community will create with it.”

The Headcam can be pre-ordered here for $495, with worldwide shipping starting early August.

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