Rokoko at FMX

May 7, 2019
5 min read
Matias Søndergaard, Rokoko Co-Founder & CPO

We just got home from an amazing week at the 2018 FMX conference in Stuttgart. Co-founder Matias, UX designer Niels, and Product Specialist Sébastien got to meet so many interesting industry professionals and attendees – thanks to all the people who stopped by! For those of you who missed it, here’s a video showing some highlights:

What We Showed

This year, in addition to demoing the Smartsuit Pro, we also showcased our Smartsuit Studio. This powerful software suite is included with any Smartsuit Pro purchase, and offers a wide range of pro features that we really want our users to take advantage of. Here are 3 features that our FMX visitors were especially interested in experiencing firsthand:

1) New filters and Clean-up Tools in Smartsuit Studio

Not everyone knows about the great tools we have in Smartsuit Studio for optimizing recordings and real-time work. With our newly launched locomotion and foot IK filters, contact with the ground and overall accuracy of performance has improved immensely. It was a great feeling to finally show how well it performs – even on a solid metal conference floor. New tutorials and tech demos will be coming out soon to show this in detail! Another thing we’ve added to our Studio software is an extensive toolkit for cleaning up your data. After recording, you can correct for small inaccuracies directly in the editor.

2) Ease of Use

Many users still can’t quite believe how easy it actually is to create with the Smartsuit Pro. You can literally put on the suit and create a recording from scratch within two minutes – we love seeing people’s reactions when they experience this for the first time! The suit design itself is always something we’re proud to showcase too, and every user looks super cool in it :) The high quality sports fabric shields all electronic parts that are further protected by a smart casing, making sensors very robust. This means you can easily use the suit for fighting scenes, sports tracking, and other activities that require a bit of rough and tumble. Our intuitive design is durable, comfortable, and virtually impossible to put on wrong!

3) Increasing Resistance to Magnetic and Network Interference

The FMX conference hall was the perfect space to test our newly launched improvements to suit performance in areas with metal in the floor and numerous wifi signals around. We’re pleased to say that we’re really making great progress in these two areas. This week in Stuttgart showed that even with a floor built on metal, you get a solid performance for walking, running and jumping. We’re still pushing for improvements though, and continue to work on new releases as we speak. Updates to the wifi have now stabilized the system significantly as well, and you can easily have up to 5 characters live at the same time for both recordings and real time work.


We also gave a quick sneak peek into our virtual production tool, where we combine our Smartsuit Pro with the HTC Vive trackers to get absolute position and a virtual camera in the scene. This feature won’t be launched for another few months, but the results are already amazing! Check out this short video of Niels and Matias playing with it:

Win A Smartsuit Pro

Finally, to celebrate FMX, we’re holding a contest to win a Smartsuit Pro! We’ll announce the winner next week, so enter today! To everyone who participated in the contest already, we’re wishing you luck. And to everyone who visited our booth at FMX – thank you! We’re already looking forward to seeing you there next year. And as always, we encourage you to book a free online demo to see the suit for yourself. It’s a great place to have all your questions answered, or to just enjoy a good motion capture show!

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