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Ready, set, go!

September 5, 2017
5 min read
Matias Søndergaard, Rokoko Co-Founder & CPO

When we founded Rokoko in 2014, we couldn’t imagine that three years later we would be shipping out the fully realized SmartSuit Pro to 300 eager customers, including industry influencers that have worked on feature films like Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the X-Men franchise.

We are excited to have recently launched the Smartsuit Pro, our innovative motion capture body suit with 19 integrated sensors that precisely track human movement and feed data into the suit’s central hub, which then delivers professional quality animation instantaneously to your monitor using our proprietary software, Smartsuit Studio. Shipments are on the way to those who pre-ordered the suit, and we’re taking new orders now. We can’t wait for you to see the suit in its current and finalized form.

In addition, we are thrilled to reveal that Chris Ford, a 12-year Pixar veteran with 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and production from Autodesk and SGI, has joined the company as part of our Board of Directors and Executive Strategic Committee. Chris is the real deal - a true expert in the fields of animation, motion capture, and visual effects. We knew he’d be a perfect fit for Rokoko when he shared his perspective on the current state of the motion capture industry. He understands that it’s a fossilized industry that’s ripe for disruption. He feels strongly, like we do, that Rokoko’s low price point will lead to democratization of the animation and VFX space. He’s stated that, “At Rokoko we seek to do nothing less than break the fundamental assumption of what it costs to capture and access quality digital human motion.” Chris’s guidance and expertise will continue to majorly impact our overall strategy as a company.

We knew he’d be a perfect fit for Rokoko when he shared his perspective on the current state of the motion capture industry. He understands that it’s a fossilized industry that’s ripe for disruption. Capturing human movement in animation is a tricky thing because even a small yet unnatural looking movement can completely ruin a moment. In other words, if animated human movement isn’t 100% accurate it’s unusable, which is why the Smartsuit Pro completes the digital experience by offering a way to exactly replicate real human motion.

The Smartsuit Pro

  • 19 sensors (PCBs) that each have three components - a gyrometer, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer/compass - are embedded in the suit at key places on the body.
  • After creating a user profile with your precise measurements in our software, the suit can be setup for extremely accurate data capture in less than a minute.
  • The suit is made of high-end sports textiles and mesh for maximum breathability, flexibility, durability and minimum noise.
  • Accessible: With a base price point of $2495 per suit, Rokoko offers the most affordable, professional motion capture solution on the market.
  • User-friendly: Incredibly intuitive and easy to use, the Smartsuit Pro can be put on without assistance and calibrated in less than a minute.
  • Mobile: With six hours of battery life from one standard USB power bank, and the ability to record locally on the hub of the suit without access to WiFi, the suit is completely portable -- eliminating the major limitations and restrictions that come with using a traditional mocap studio.

There are some clear applications for the film and gaming industries here, but we really do believe in addition that the Smartsuit Pro is the next step in immersive experiences. VR reinvented the screen, but the mouse and keyboard haven’t seen any evolution -- until now. Motion capture is a powerful tool, and real-time interaction gives you a physical identity in a virtual space. For a truly transformative VR gaming experience, the Smartsuit Pro could essentially act as a full body controller. We also see the suit as a powerful training tool for professional athletes. By observing granular measurements of a golf swing or basketball shot, professional athletes can monitor and perfect their own movements and make improvements to their technique.

To purchase your own Smartsuit Pro, click here.

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