Review: Loacher Films tests the Smartgloves

September 16, 2020
5 min read

Loacher Films’ Peter Csikasz now also uses the Smartgloves for finger animation in his VFX pipeline, in this video he gives his first impression (note: the Smartgloves Peter is testing are the version prior to the firmware update that enables the EMF tracking, meaning the tracking accuracy is even better today).

Enjoy the watch and find a summary below:

Usage: Easy setup, requires power bank

The Rokoko Smartgloves connect to your PC through Wi-Fi, similar to the Smart Suit. The setup process only takes a few minutes for the first time. However, it's important to note that the gloves require an external power bank with at least one USB-A output, which can be found on Rokoko's website.

Accuracy: Very precise

Each glove has seven sensors that record finger and wrist movements, providing accurate data for hand and finger motion capture. The gloves are very precise, with only small discrepancies arising in situational instances.

Durability: Built to last

The Smartgloves are built to the same standard as the Smart Suit, making them capable of withstanding falls, punches, and other stunts as long as necessary padding is used to protect the wearer. The gloves are also designed not to mess up recordings even if metal objects are grasped.

Price: Fairly priced and worth the investment

During the pre-order period, which runs from September 16th to October 21st 2021, the Smartgloves are available for $895 USD, after the pre-order release they will be retailed at $1495 USD. The gloves are expected to begin shipping in November. Considering their performance and durability, the gloves are reasonably priced and a good investment for those interested in hand and finger motion capture.

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