Today, we're launching our free AI motion capture tool, Rokoko Video

December 5, 2022
5 min read

Our mission is to equip every creator with the power of motion capture. Today, we make good on that promise by launching an AI-powered video-to-animation tool, Rokoko Video

The free tool enables users to upload a video of a person moving or record themselves with a webcam or phone, to then automatically extract the motion file that can be used to animate characters in games and films, measure performance in sports and health, and much more.

Rokoko CEO Jakob Balslev explains:

"Countless emerging creators struggle to find affordable and easy motion capture tools. Now with Rokoko Video, they have a free and intuitive way to explore motion capture and character animation."

Users start in their browser with Rokoko Video and upload their video or capture their movement with a webcam or phone camera. After editing and trimming the clip, it will be automatically uploaded to Rokoko’s AI-powered motion engine. Users can then access the motion data in Rokoko Studio, where they can improve the data with advanced filters such as foot locking, before exporting this into their final 3D tool of choice, be it Blender, Cinema4D, Unity, Unreal, etc. 

Like our Face Capture for iPhones, Rokoko Video is a pure software offering that only requires hardware the user already owns. With Rokoko’s roots in hardware, this might be a surprise, but you can expect much more from that front going forward. Balslev comments:

"Our hardware development has always gone hand in hand with the software side, even if the hardware has been more visible to the public. With the vast quantity of motion data we have access to, we are uniquely positioned to create AI-powered tools for motion capture, editing, and analysis. Our product roadmap has an increasing number of similar AI-infused software tools in the pipeline as we're building Rokoko Studio into a cloud-based animation powerhouse.”

We’re positioning Rokoko Video as a tool to get started in animation, but it’s really so much more than just that. You can pre-visualize ideas as soon as you have them or even upload videos of famous or historic moves to inject into your characters. We still recommend our hardware motion capture tools if you need high fidelity or real-time streaming, but if you don’t have access to our hardware and need quick, easy, quality animation, Rokoko Video is a great option.

You can sign up for Rokoko Video here.

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