Face your creativity with Rokoko Face Capture

Use Rokoko Face Capture for iOS to capture quality facial expressions on the fly. Use it on its own or alongside Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves for full body motion capture.

Youtube creators from "The Good Times are Killing me" playing around with face capture for their custom characters

Add rich facial expressions to your custom characters

The industry's favorite mocap system

World-class indie creators and award-winning studios have chosen Rokoko as their mocap tools of choice

Rokoko Creative Director Sam playing around with Unreal's MetaHuman Animator while using the Headrig for iPhone face capture

"It’s crucial that your method for capture be as unobtrusive as possible and not inconvenience the talent or voice director in any way. Rokoko is a really great tool for this, because you can setup your iPhone for capture well clear of the mike and record your takes on the other side of the booth, it is a perfect workflow."
Woody Yocum
Animation Timing Director
Walt Disney TV Animation

Frequently asked questions

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  • Do you support face capture for Android?

  • Do I need a head rig to hold the phone in place?

  • What format is the face capture file?

  • Do I need a computer to use the face capture app?

  • How much does your face capture solution cost?

  • Can I pay in monthly instalments with partial payments?

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