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Face capture made intuitive

The Rokoko Face Capture solution for iOS makes it quick and easy to add facial animation to your 3D characters. Record the facial mocap data or stream it in real-time to your favourite 3D software for live animation of your custom characters. You can use Rokoko Face Capture on its own or alongside and in sync with the Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves for full performance production pipelines.

Add high-fidelity facial expressions to your custom characters in real-time

Rokoko Face Capture is built around ARKit's reliable and proven face capture framework. Capture the blendShapes in an .FBX file for export, or live stream the data in real-time to your favourite 3D-software to animate your custom characters (we support face capture integrations for Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, Unity and Houdini under a single subscription license included in the Face Catpure Bundle).

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What you need to get started

iPhone X or newer
Apple TrueDepth camera
Rokoko Phone Mount
Or other phone rig
Rokoko Studio
Starting at Plus Subscription
Rokoko Remote
iOS App
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Face Capture Pipeline Tutorials

Need Full Performance Capture?

We offer both body, finger, and face capture to give you every detail of your performance captured at once.
Combine the Smartsuit Pro with the Smartgloves and our iOS Face Capture app and sync it all in Rokoko Studio.
Export to FBX, BVH or CSV or stream directly into your favourite 3D tool through our native plugin integrations.


Smartsuit Pro

Face Capture

See Face Capture in Action

Not sure if our facial motion capture tools are a good fit for your production needs? Schedule a free consultation with our team and we'll help.

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