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Set up in less than a minute

The Smartsuit Pro is completely intuitive to wear and use. Put on your suit like regular clothes, open your software, calibrate the system, and start capturing data in less than a minute.

Face capture made intuitive

The Rokoko Face Capture bundles make it quick and easy for you to add facial animation to your 3D characters. With our face capture software add-on in Rokoko Studio, an iPhone X series device, and a phone mount to place the phone in front of you as you perform, you will get one of the most reliable, robust, and affordable solutions in the market.

Empowering creators

With our facial motion capture solution you can visualize your data in Rokoko Studio and either export your data in FBX, BVH or CSV, or livestream the data in realtime into your custom character through our native plugins for Unreal, Unity, Maya, Blender, MotionBuilder, and iClone. In Rokoko Studio you can also easily sync your data with inputs from our other capture tools, Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves, and achieve a production-ready full performance capture result in mere minutes!
"Having the possibility of recording the choreography allowed us to synchronise the projection and the artist perfectly. Without Smartsuit Pro this would have been impossible or extremely complex.”
Pindarica Theatre
“An inertial suit can be used pretty much anywhere - if I’m using motion capture I want to use it for everything. Not just simple animations, I want to run, I want to fall, I want to do stunts… I was impressed on every front by the Rokoko Smartsuit so that’s why I chose it.”
Loacher Films

What is needed to get started

iPhone X or 11
with TrueDepth camera
Rokoko Phone Mount
Plus plan and up
Rokoko Remote
with TrueDepth camera

What is needed to get started

iPhone X or 11
with TrueDepth camera
Rokoko Phone Mount
Plus plan and up
Rokoko Remote
with TrueDepth camera

Behind the magic

An entire motion capture studio
in one wireless suit

19 x Inertial sensors
Textile suit
The suit comes in S, M, L and XL
6 hours of operation time with 5000 mAh.
Up to 100 meters of wireless range depending on the WiFi access point
Supported formats FBX, BVH and CSV
Streaming 100 fps
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Tech specs

Motion trackers
Software included
Motion capture tool
Supported formats
19 x 9-DoF inertial sensors
19 x robust, custom cables
USB battery pack - 5000 mAh provides 6 hours*
Real-time via WiFi (2.4GHz, 5GHz)*
Adjustable full body textile suit (choose between four sizes: S, M, L, XL)
Rokoko Studio (see plans on rokoko.com)
Unity, Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder
3D orientation accuracy
Real-time data
Wireless range
Price and Delivery
Single Smartsuit Pro
Team bundle (3 x SS Pro)
Academic pricing
Shipping cost
Delivery time
*powerbank and router are not included
± 1 deg
100 fps
Up to 100 meters
$6495 (save $990)
10% discount
$50 global flat rate
2 weeks
1 year
E-mail and chat support
Meet our users
Capture your most vivid
expressions in real-time!
To get started, connect your iPhone X or 11 to Rokoko Studio
Get the Face Capture iOS app
Book a free online demo
Witness the power of our tools for yourself or ask us all your questions in a free online video call
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What is Full Performance Capture?

We offer both body, finger, and face capture to give you every detail of your performance captured at once.
Combine the Smartsuit Pro with the Smartgloves and our face capture for iPhone X and sync it all in Rokoko Studio.
From there you can export in FBX, BVH or CSV or stream directly into your favorite 3D tool through our native plugins.


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