Personalized avatars with Spotify Playlists: B&O x HelloMonday x Rokoko

June 30, 2023
5 min read

In an exciting collaboration, Rokoko joined forces with Bang & Olufsen (B&O) and HelloMonday to embark on a groundbreaking project. The goal was to revolutionize personalized avatars by harnessing the power of Spotify playlists. Through the advanced motion capture technology from Rokoko, Bang & Olufsen and HelloMonday set out to capture the unique movements inspired by users' musical tastes and translate them into custom avatars. This collaborative effort sought to create an unparalleled and immersive experience for users.

Igniting Creative Synergy 

At Rokoko, we thrive on collaborating with like-minded partners. In this project, we collaborated closely with B&O and HelloMonday, leveraging their expertise to fuel our collective creative synergy. With HelloMonday's impressive track record as a digital agency, including collaborations with industry giants like Google and Facebook, and B&O's commitment to innovation, we knew that this partnership would pave the way for a truly exceptional project. Together, we pushed the boundaries of motion capture to create a remarkable experience that merged technology and artistic expression.

Unleashing the power of Rokoko's mocap technology

As pioneers in motion capture technology, we at Rokoko understand the importance of precision and efficiency. In their pursuit of the perfect solution, B&O and HelloMonday explored various options, ranging from costly alternatives to cutting-edge AI solutions. It was during this search that they unveiled our powerful tools, the Smartsuit Pro II (for body capture) and the Smartgloves (for finger capture).


This state-of-the-art motion capture system offered unparalleled versatility, enabling a streamlined production process. With the Smartsuit Pro II, B&O and HelloMonday empowered their small production team to maintain direct control over the motion capture results, all while benefiting from precise and swift data capture, including remarkable finger tracking capabilities.

Mapping musical moods to living avatars

At the core of B&O and HelloMonday’s project lay the mapping of users' musical moods and preferences onto living avatars. By seamlessly integrating Spotify profiles, they meticulously analyzed users' musical preferences and translated them into a captivating mood spectrum. The range of captured movements spanned the entire emotional spectrum, from the depths of anger and sadness to the heights of happiness and serenity. The B&O and HelloMonday teams expertly mapped these movements to various dance styles and tempos, breathing life into the avatars. With Rokoko’s cutting-edge motion capture technology, they successfully captured the essence of users' music-induced emotions, bringing their avatars to life in a truly mesmerizing way.


Our collaboration with B&O and HelloMonday has ushered in a new era of personalized avatars, where music and human motion (thanks to motion capture) seamlessly converge. Thanks to our mocap tools Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves, we have revolutionized the way artists can manipulate digital motion, and ultimately how users interact with avatars, providing them with a visually captivating representation of their unique musical tastes.

This groundbreaking project not only showcases the power of technology and personalization but also opens up endless possibilities for future exploration at the intersection of music and motion capture. We feel honoured to have been part of this project, and look forward to all the other amazing 3D projects our users will produce!

The Rokoko Team

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