ViZARTS: Using mocap for real-time storytelling

May 23, 2019
5 min read

We love it when users work together to help push the bounds of entertainment through the use of innovative technology. That is exactly what Copenhagen-based ViZARTS is currently doing. They aim to improve how stories are being told and experienced by the user. We are currently living in a time where technology has vastly changed and improved to allow for unique entertainment possibilities. The Smartsuit Pro offered an amazing opportunity for them to get their hands on an affordable motion capture suit to help push their vision.

As a collaborative experience, the goals of ViZARTS are to:

  • Exploit Real-Time Visualization and Animation Tools
  • Explore the potential of Digital Filmmaking
  • Research Real-Time Interactive Narratives
  • Experiment with Media- and Game Technologies
  • Create Adaptive Real-Time Storytelling Experiences

Daniel from Fabula Studios is one of the founders of ViZARTS and he describes their workshops, titled ViZARTS Labs, as an event where participants explore, experiment, test and create new film experiences together. At these workshops they have the Smartsuit Pro available for anyone to use. They want to make innovative tech like the Smartsuit Pro available for use at ViZARTS Labs so that creators can learn and experiment with it to help create their own film, game or interactive experience.

"Our goal is to make a small production or video to tell a story using the Smartsuit Pro"

The Smartsuit Pro works out perfectly for the ViZARTS team because of its’ top notch performance, ease of use and affordability. With so many new users experiencing the suit for the first time, it’s important that these innovative technologies are easy to use. To learn more about ViZARTS and their workshops, check out their website here. As a side note, another Smartsuit Pro user, Tommy Ipsen, did an interview while at one of the ViZARTS Labs. Tommy and his team created the interactive animated AR series, Aruna’s Distress Call. In the video below, he explains how he’s used the suit in combination with iClone and face tracking to create an immersive AR app.

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