Motion capture for academia & education

Empower your students or research lab with versatile and high quality mocap tools

Educators and students at DigiPen Singapore use motion capture as part of their animation curriculum

The campus as your mocap stage

Mobile wireless mocap tools like the Smartsuit Pro and Smartgloves allow you to perform anywhere. Forget having to book complex optical studio systems months in advance, start capturing motions within minutes anywhere.

Real-time motion capture recording with Smartsuit Pro II and Smartgloves

Educators get discounts

Our Academic customers save $3200 on average on their Rokoko motion capture orders. Talk to our team to get a custom quote.

  • Up to 30% off hardware & 50% off software

    We support students and educators alike by offering generous discounts on all our tools. Contact us for a free non-binding digital quote, our team will be happy to provide you with the best options.

  • Turn a classroom into a motion capture stage

    Quick turnover in mocap asset creation allows you to pack more learning and creative output in your curriculum. Rokoko mocap takes minutes to set up, teach actionable character animation skills on day one and forget costly and long trips to optical mocap facilities.

  • Empower students with accessible tools

    Low-cost, easy-to-use and mobile mocap means that you don't have to limit your students to narrow time slots in your optical mocap rooms. Teach students to be creative and independent on their journey to mastering character animation, give them the freedom that comes with mocap systems like Rokoko.

Real-time mocap in Blender, with Rokoko motion capture tools

Real-time integrations to your favourite 3D tools

Immerse yourself completely in your workflow by streaming Rokoko mocap data directly into your 3D scene. Animate your custom characters at the pace of your performance: in real-time.

Book a personal demonstration

Schedule a free personal Zoom demo with our team, we'll show you how our mocap tools work and answer all your questions.

Product Specialists Francesco and Paulina host Zoom demos from the Copenhagen office