Motion capture for game, VR & AR development

Adjust your performance in real-time. Jump straight into your own work and immerse yourself completely in your creation.

Home office motion capture for the hit game Praey for the Gods

Full performance capture with no keyframe animation skills required

If you can move, you can animate with our tools. With inertial motion capture suit and gloves and our facial capure solution, you can move freely and animate realistic human motions without being a professional animator.

Mocap performance captured and recorded in real-time

Real-time mocap in Unity, with Rokoko motion capture tools

Real-time integrations to your favourite 3D tools

Immerse yourself completely in your workflow by streaming Rokoko mocap data directly into your 3D scene. Animate your custom characters at the pace of your performance: in real-time.

The industry's favorite mocap system

World-class indie creators and award-winning studios have chosen Rokoko as their mocap tools of choice

Behind the magic

  • Create

    Our tools are faster and more intuitive to set up than any other solution on the market. You can bring your laptop and your mocap suit with you on location and be ready to record in minutes.

  • Iterate

    With our motion capture tools, you ideas are always only minutes away from being tried out in reality. Our full performance capture tools can be set up anywhere and in no time, and you can stream your data directly into your final 3D tool with our native plugins.

  • Integrate

    Integrates natively with your existing creative tools like Blender, Houdini, Maya, iClone7, Unreal, Unity and more. See all integrations.

Book a personal demonstration

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Product Specialists Francesco and Paulina host Zoom demos from the Copenhagen office