Track body, finger and facial motions with Full Performance Capture

We designed the Smartsuit Pro, Smartgloves and Face Capture to work in sync for full body mocap recordings.

Unreal Engine expert Matt Workman from Cinematography Database explaining how to animate Metahumans in real-time with mocap

The only all-in-one mocap system on the market

Combine the power of the Smartsuit Pro II, the Smartgloves and Face Capture and never miss a motion from your performances.

No duct tape solutions: we built a single intuitive workflow that integrates all our mocap tools. Capture your entire body's animations in a single synced take in Rokoko Studio, export to .fbx or .bvh or stream to your favourite 3D software.

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Worldwide 48h tracked delivery

Pay in 12 payments (USA)

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Capture body, finger and face animations in a single take

Seamlessly capture your entire body's motions all at once, in a single take. Record the data in Rokoko Studio or stream it to your favourite 3D software in real-time with our native integrations

A performer using the Full Performance Capture bundle in Blender, including the Smartsuit Pro II, the Smartgloves and Face capture for a full body tracking shoot

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Product Specialists Francesco and Paulina host Zoom demos from the Copenhagen office

Behind the magic

  • Sensor Fusion 2.0

    Advancements in inertial sensor technology and continuous firmware updates cater for a significant reduction in drift, improved walk and run tracking and better protection from magnetic interference

  • Plug & Play

    Start capturing finger animations within a minute, optionally connect to the Smartsuit Pro for full body tracking in sync.

  • 200 fps

    High sensor frame rate, for real-time streaming without lag or latency.

  • 100m tracking range

    Wireless tracking with WiFi (router range determines tracking area)

  • Elevation tracking

    Multi-level locomotion (snap spacing) to track level field changes, like walking up stairs or on a ladder.

Frequently asked questions

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Artwork by @davesujono, @flopaland and Greg Busillo