Rokoko Vision: Free AI motion capture tool

Use your webcam or upload a video to capture your motions in 3D and animate your characters in minutes

Get a 14-day trial on Dual-cam, $240/year after.
Single-cam remains 100% free.

Sam, our Creative Director, playing around with Rokoko Vision (dual-cam)

Now anyone can animate for free, from anywhere

Built with love for our community, Rokoko Vision unlocks motion capture for everyone, from creators just starting out to studio animators looking for a quick way to pre-vizualize ideas. Upload a video, use single-cam or upgrade to dual-cam for even better tracking accuracy.

Capture your motions for free

Get a 14-day trial on Dual-cam, $240/year after.
Single-cam remains 100% free.

Mocap with Rokoko Vision (single-cam) by @raffo_vfx

  • Alexander King Kwame

    VFX Artist

    “I've always wanted to purchase a Rokoko mocap suit, but can't afford it yet, so this is a great way to start, thank y'all very much. This is awesome.”
  • Carson Reed

    3D Artist

    “Awesome work from the Rokoko team. With just a tiny amount of cleanup, these results are spectacular.”
  • @ShiroDoesGames

    Game Developer

    “This is pretty awesome that mocap is now accessible to everyone. No fancy tech, fancy clothes or tracking equipment. Just a computer and a camera.”
  • @Beyondcinema

    Film Production

    “Great way to give back to the community. This is amazing!”
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Sam, Creative Director, using Rokoko Vision (dual-cam) mocap to create some high quality animations on the fly

Accessible AI mocap

A simple 3-step process, start animating characters in minutes

Get a 14-day trial on Dual-cam, $240/y after.
Single-cam remains 100% free.

Use your webcam...

Right from your browser, use Rokoko Vision to record your movement with your computer's webcam. Upgrade to the dual-camera setup for even better accuracy.

View the mocap data in Studio

Use Rokoko Studio, our free software, to view and clean up the mocap data with our foot locking filter. Upload your own character to retarget it on the mocap animation.

... or upload a video file

Upload your own pre-recorded footage. As long as there is a clear view on the subject's body motion the mocap capture will work.

Export to .FBX or .BVH

Choose a skeleton (HIK, Mixamo etc.) and use the file directly in your 3D tool of choice (Blender, C4D, Unity, Unreal etc.).

Upgrade to dual-camera tracking

Now you can choose between a single or two camera mocap tracking setup in Rokoko Vision, for even better motion capture quality

Ideal for casual mocap, this method provides a straightforward entry into the world of animation. Perfect for hobbyists or beginner enthusiasts looking to explore the potential of motion capture.

No trials, no hidden payments, no usage limits - 100% free

Unlock unparalleled accuracy with two synchronized viewpoints. The go-to choice for professionals and experts seeking the utmost in video-to-mocap fidelity and detail. Access enhanced depth perception and minimized blindspots (occlusion).

Single-cam 100% free, upgrade to Dual-cam for $240/year

Tutorials to get you moving

Frequently asked questions

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