Trizz Studio - Real-time on-set mocap

October 1, 2019
5 min read

“Bring colour to life” was the brief Barcelona-based studio Trizz received from the client for their commercial for Dulux. What they created is an absolutely beautiful, captivating, and vibrant piece of visual art that we are beyond proud that our tools played a part in.

Trizz had three professional dancers in Smartsuit Pro suits and used our virtual production kit to control a virtual camera and provide absolute position for the digital avatars in their interaction with each other and with the physical and virtual space. The result is extraordinary!

"The fun of home decorating was our emotional focus for this concept. A living room set hosted a vibrant day of motion capture with three professional dancers lending their creative choreography to our scheme. Their improvisations were transformed into energetic human forms - dramatising the choice and possibility of a paint swatch, and coloured to the client’s colour palette."
"The brief to ‘bring colour to life’ was fulfilled by the digital creativity of our team, mapping brush stroke beings made out of paint onto the quick, dynamic, precise movements of professional dancers."

Users like Trizz pushes our tools to the absolute maximum of their capabilities and forces us to be better. We are proud of being a part of inspiring projects like this with such creativity and willingness to push the boundaries of what’s possible with VFX and animation tools. Trizz founded their award-winning studio to seek deeper meaning in the worlds of animation and film production. We are excited to follow them on that journey!

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