Real-time 3D character animation in Unreal

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Real-time motion capture with Rokoko mocap in Unreal Engine

Credit: @naq_montages

Build a real-time animation pipeline in Unreal Engine in minutes

Seeing how an animation behaves on your 3D characters, in their own environment, will transform the way you create. Instant feedback, improvisations, on-set improvements: keyframe animation and fragmented animation pipelines belong to the past.

Skip keyframe animation, mocap in real-time

If you can move, you can animate with our tools. With the Smartsuit Pro, Smartgloves and Face Capture tools, you can animate custom characters in real-time in Unreal Engine or any other major 3D software.

Sam, Creative Director at Rokoko, streaming real-time mocap on a MetaHuman

A better way to animate

  • The world is your stage

    Our tools are faster and more intuitive to set up than any other solution on the market. You can bring your laptop and your Rokoko mocap tools with you on location and be ready to record in minutes.

  • Animate custom characters, live

    There is no such thing as the here and now: see how your performer's motions look on your own custom characters in real-time, no lag or latency. Rokoko Studio captures your mocap data and forward's it to your scene in Unreal Engine.

  • From idea to execution in minutes

    Real-time animation means that the process from idea to finished product is basically instantaneous: the motions you perform are captured and applied as clean animations on your own custom characters, in your Unreal scene. Jump in your mocap gear when creativity hits, don't wait days to produce an animation.

Tutorials: how to work with real-time mocap in Unreal

Plugins for real-time integration

Book a personal demonstration

Schedule a free personal Zoom demo with our team, we'll show you how our mocap tools work and answer all your questions.

Product Specialists Francesco and Paulina host Zoom demos from the Copenhagen office