Professional finger tracking made intuitive with Smartgloves

Simply the best mocap gloves on the market, at a fraction of the price. Use for standalone finger tracking or combine with the Smartsuit Pro and Face Capture for full body motion capture.

Real-time finger tracking with Rokoko Smartlgoves, with live streaming to iClone

Finger tracking with sensor fusion technology

We have combined IMU sensors with EMF sensors, for an unmatched quality in hand and finger animation capture at a price level accessible to all creators.

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Mocap video by @baronlanteigne created using Smartgloves

The best mocap gloves on the market

Animating 3D finger and hand motions is notoriously difficult and the price of professional quality tracking devices has historically been out of reach for the vast majority of 3D creators.

With the Smartgloves, a new area of intuitive and affordable hand tracking begins.

Behind the magic

  • 100m tracking range

    Wireless tracking with WiFi (router range determines tracking area)

  • High accuracy

    7 sensors per glove, using hybrid IMU and EMF proprietary sensor fusion technology

  • 6 hours operation time

    Battery operation time is 6 hours for 5000mAh power banks

  • 100 fps

    High frame rate capture in real-time, no lag or latency

  • Comfortable fit

    Textile & leather Smartgloves come in sizes S, M L and XL

  • Plug & Play

    Start capturing finger animations within a minute, optionally connect to the Smartsuit Pro for full body tracking in sync

  • James Martin

    Technical Director, Actor Capture on Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

    “I use Rokoko's Smartgloves for almost all my mocap shoots now. They are by far the best data for money in the industry”
  • Questions Games

    Behind the game The Blackout Club

    “With Rokoko mocap we can get an idea for an animation in the morning and have it implemented in our games by the afternoon. It's pretty miraculous.”
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Frequently asked questions

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