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What is Motion Capture?

Motion capture is the process of making human (and sometimes animal) motion digital. With the help of optical sensors or markers, the motion data is transmitted from an actor to a computer. Here, the captured motion data is used for animating 2D or 3D models. In game dev and filmmaking, motion capture is an unparalleled method for making animated characters move more realistically. Compared to code based animation, it is also superior in terms of speed and accuracy.

How much does a motion capture system cost?

Traditionally, motion capture required big budgets, custom made studios, and countless pre- and post-production hours. This meant that it was a tool exclusive to the wealthy few. But thanks to advancements in sensor and IK technology, the magic of motion capture and 3D character animation is now accessible to indie 3D artists too. At Rokoko, we offer high-end motion capture tools at a price most creators can afford. We offer a full body mocap suit, finger tracking gloves and a face capture app for full performance capture. Set up our tools in less than a minute anywhere you want, from your personal home office mocap studio to your favourite outdoor environments.

Which animation software supports motion capture?

Our motion capture animation software Rokoko Studio lets you visualize, create, edit, and export mocap animation assets. It also gives you access to thousands of AAA-quality motion capture assets from our Motion Library. The basic version is free for everyone to download and use, with additional features at a supplementary cost. With Rokoko Studio Live, you can sync and stream one or multiple motion capture devices into the same scene directly to your preferred 3D animation software for real-time character animation. Rokoko Studio supports plugin integrations for Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, MotionBuilder, Houdini, iClone, CTA4, Isadora and Siemens Jack. Real-time productions and previsualization - at an affordable price - where you need to see the mocap animations applied to your CG characters in their own environment are now possible.

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