Motion capture in Cinema4D

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How to use motion capture in Cinema4D

Maxon's Cinema4D is the preferred 3D tool for many Rokoko users. Exporting an FBX from Rokoko Studio and importing it into Cinema4D is easy and fast. Read on to find out how!
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Get the optimal workflow for mocap data in Cinema4D

We created a series of simple video guides to optimize your C4D workflow with mocap data. From our tutorials, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to apply your Smartsuit Pro data or Motion Library file to your custom character in C4D. We’ll show you how to auto-rig your character with Mixamo, how to use the retarget tag, or even how to work with a Daz3D character. Working with motion capture in C4D will be easier than ever with Rokoko.
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“With Rokoko’s mocap tools, instead of leaving marks with crayon on a piece of paper, we are leaving marks on the computer screen with our body movements.”
Trung Bao
Fustic. Studio
"It was nice how fast we could go from recording motion data and just quickly reviewing it on the laptop. We could just focus on the craft of getting those cool dance moves ready"
Don Allen III
VFX and animation
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Rokoko Studio

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Cinema 4D

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How are users working with motion capture and 3D character animation in Cinema4D?
Maxon’s Cinema4D is one of the most widely used desktop content creation tools in the world.

Creators with fast-moving workflows and quick turnarounds on their projects choose C4D for their work because of its great combination of being user-friendly, quick, and intuitive, while still allowing users to achieve high-end results.

We think that Rokoko and Cinema4D are very aligned on the core principles of what we think is most important to creators and this is reflected by  the large increase in Cinema4D users choosing to work with our tools. Creators with a large following on social media producing short, high-end pieces in short amounts of time are working almost exclusively in C4D and getting mind blowing results.

While we don’t currently have a native plugin for Cinema4D, we have a range of tutorials showing what we think is the best workflow for combining C4D tools with Rokoko tools.

We definitely plan on releasing a native plugin before long.Cinema4D is an amazing tool for creators of all stripes!
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