Real-time 3D Character Animation in Houdini

How to work with 3D character animation and motion capture in Houdini

With Rokoko's mocap tools, you have two options on how to work with your data in Houdini. You can either export a file from Rokoko Studio and import that to Houdini, or even better, you can use our Rokoko Studio Live plugin to stream your data directly onto your custom character in Houdini. Read on to find out how.
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Livestream your data directly to your custom character in Houdini

With our Rokoko Studio Live plugin, you can stream your live or recorded motion capture data directly onto your custom character in Houdini. With that workflow, you can see your animations directly in your scene and adjust your performance in realtime. Jump directly into your own work and immersive yourself completely in your creation
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How are users working with motion capture and 3D character animation in Houdini?
Houdini is one of the most beloved and widely used 3D tools in the high-end animation industry. With their recent release of Houdini 18.5 they are taking a big step into animation and motion capture by adding some transformative new retargeting and character animation capabilities.

We've built this realtime plugin in collaboration with the SideFX team and can't wait to see how our growing base of Houdini users will leverage its powers.

Houdini is home to the best of the best in animation and we're proud to have our tools take part in their creations.
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