3D Character Animation in Maya

How to use 3D character animation and motion capture in Maya

With Rokoko's animation and mocap tools, you have two options for working with your motion capture data in Maya. You can either export a file from Rokoko Studio and import that to Maya, or even better, you can use our Rokoko Studio Live plugin to stream your data directly onto your custom character in Maya.
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Livestream your data directly onto your custom character in Maya

With our Rokoko Studio Live plugin, you can stream your live or recorded motion capture data directly onto your custom character in Maya. With this workflow, you can see your animations directly in your scene and adjust your performance in real-time. Jump straight into your own work and immerse yourself completely in your creation.
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"The Rokoko Smartsuit Pro was really good from the start. It’s very easy to use the suit and add to the pipeline. Without the Smartsuit Pro, we wouldn’t be able to animate an invisible dancer for four minutes."
Lightfarm Studios
“The gloves are amazing! It’s incredible how fluid and responsive they are. Also, super easy getting them to work together with the suit. The price is awesome and how it works with virtually any 3D package out there is a huge time saver. Rokoko totally crushed it with this product and are making the impossible possible for us.”
No Matter Studios
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How are users working with character animation and motion capture in Maya?
Maya is Autodesk’s flagship tool in entertainment. No other animation tool comes even close to Maya’s grip on high-end animation and VFX production and it is the preferred tool for the vast majority of AAA productions.

In many ways, Maya is the industry standard for high-end CG work. You can do all things animation and VFX related in Maya, but also a lot of things that are not related to character and creator animation - like modeling, texturing, rendering, simulating, and so on..  

When it comes to character animation, Maya’s possibilities for retargeting, animation clean-up, keyframe animation, and its general animation features like the graph editor, onion skinning, and timeline editor, are what makes Maya the preferred tool for so many creators and gives it  the stronghold it has on high-end productions.

We partnered up with Autodesk to help broaden their toolsets and make more offerings in motion capture. which is an aspect that Maya has historically let some of Autodesk’s other tools (like MotionBuilder) focus on. We’ve built a real-time plugin for live-streaming and an integration of our Motion Library that both offer instant, high-quality motion capture natively inside Maya. Most Maya users use these tools for blocking out and previsualizing their scenes.

Because many universities and schools have access to Maya, many students have experience with Maya after graduating, even though they might not be able to afford a private license. That means that a large number of creators of all levels actually know how to work in Maya - and Autodesk is trying to offer more affordable solutions for indies and small studios. This is why we have built our plugins and integrations in such a way that  the tools could be intuitive and accessible to experienced animators as well as emerging creators.

The native plugin we have built for real-time streaming of motion data from Studio to Maya is probably our best example reflecting that.  Setting up a stream and controlling a lot of features in Rokoko Studio through the Rokoko Studio Live panel in Maya is simple, fast, and straightforward.

Our integration of the Motion Library natively in Maya provides one-click access to thousands of AAA quality character animation assets directly inside of the scenes and projects. This means that the Maya user doesn’t have to open a separate application, but can stay inside Maya for all their character animation work.

Maya will remain certainly the industry standard for high-end VFX and animation work for the years to come and we will work on integrating our tools even closer to match the workflow and pipeline of all the creators there.

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