Real-time 3D Character Animation in Reallusion's iClone and Cartoon Animator

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With Rokoko's motion capture and 3D animation tools, such as the Smartsuit Pro, in combination with iClone Motion LIVE or Cartoon Animator 4, animators, character creators, and designers get the most powerful, yet simple and accessible tools on the market. Everyone can now bring characters to life in no time.

Animate directly in your own environment with instant visualization of how your animation looks in the final scene.

Expert story with TokoMotion

Empower creativity with iClone and Smartsuit Pro

See the Smartsuit Pro animating live characters in iClone7

To demonstrate the power of the Smartsuit Pro and iClone's Motion LIVE in action, we created four videos along with the amazing iClone creator TokoMotion. We invited four of his characters to audition for a role in collaboration with the amazing motion capture actor and stuntman Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen.
See below how easy and fun it can be when all these tools work together in real-time.

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How are users working with 3D character animation and motion capture in Reallusion's iClone and Cartoon Animator?
Rokoko's motion capture tools work seamlessly together with two of Reallusion's top products - the general 3D engine iClone, and the 2D animation tool Cartoon Animator 4.

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Reallusion have created a range of tools that have become the preferred 3D software for many artists. The way Reallusion has made it possible to sync all kinds of different motion capture inputs through Motion LIVE and made them work with their entire ecosystem has made their workflow incredibly accessible and attractive, especially to indie creators and people who are just starting out with doing 3D work.

An amazingly intuitive character creation tool like Reallusion's Character Creator makes CG work that's usually super complex into a playful and creative process with automatic scroll bars that control advanced morph targets. In minutes you can create nuanced characters of all shapes and sizes that work out of the box with Reallusion's entire animation package.

The ease of use and many integrations with other hardware and software tools are also why our users love Reallusion's products. We support and love to collaborate with all that share our mission of making 3D animation tools accessible, quick, and playful. And Reallusion certainly succeeds in doing that!
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