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Use Studio to visualize data from Smartsuit Pro, Smartgloves, Face capture or Motion Library to create the motion assets you need.
Make a body recording
Connect your suit and record a move
Make face recording
Connect your remote face app and record an expression
Video and audio reference
See and record a live reference of your performance inside of Studio


Edit and perfect your assets with the advanced filters and motion editing tools in Studio
Modify with Filters
Clean up and edit your recordings with our filters before exporting
Create perfect Loops
Use the loop feature to create loop cycles from your recordings
Trim recordings
Edit the length and choose the right segment before exporting


Export your data in all standard formats (FBX, BVH, CSV). Include/exclude mesh and choose between different skeletons (HumanIK, Mixamo, Biped and more)


Use Studio as your motion asset management tool with smart folders and storing options for scenes, takes, projects, and comments.
Studio live
Livestream to native plugins for all major 3D tools
Rokoko Studio Live is the home of third party integrations. With these native plugins you can livestream your data in realtime to directly onto your custom character in Unity, Unreal, Maya, MotionBuilder, Blender and more.
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Face capture
Quick and intuitive facial motion capture in Studio
Our face capture software add-on is currently available only for iPhone X series (ARKit) devices. Set it up in less than a minute and record stable and accurate face data that you can export or stream into one of our plugins.
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Motion Library
The world's largest marketplace of motion assets
Browse through thousands of AAA-quality motion capture assets from the world's top mocap studios, and buy for $3 or $6 per asset. Download 150 assets for free!
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"Having the possibility of recording the choreography allowed us to synchronise the projection and the artist perfectly. Without Smartsuit Pro this would have been impossible or extremely complex.”
Andrea Cerrato & Pindarica Theatre
Circus Artist & digital agency
Pindarica Theatre
“For an independent artist like me, Rokoko has given me a big production value and an invaluable asset for my own home: to be capable of bringing the suit everywhere and working anywhere made my life as an animator so much easier.”
Vicki Dang & Robin Mahieux
creative directors and 3D artists
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