Enabling a non-linear VFX workflow to suit the modern creator

The pre-production and ideation phase of a high-end Film and VFX project is where you can make big decision and explore creative ideas without maxing out your budget. However, incorporating animation into that process has historically been tricky because of the price and time involved. Now you can bring our tools with you into the writer’s room or on location and test out your ideas on the spot. You can save valuable time and money while exploring all corners of your story in a previs. If you like what you create, you can even bring these animations all the way to your final product.
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Ease of use and speed of setup

Our tools are faster and more intuitive to set up than any other solution on the market. You can bring your laptop and your mocap suit with you on location and be ready to record in minutes. Even actors, directors, writers and others without animation experience can operate the tools single-handedly and create professional quality animations on the spot.

Previs your scenes to save
valuable time and money

In any creative process, you want to find the balance between exploring your ideas and being spontaneous, while working within your time and budget constraints. With our tools. you can previsualize and try out entire scenes and make crucial decisions on style and storytelling before the entire crew is standing by, wasting time and money. You can be spontaneous and go with your creativity, while still keeping your producer happy.

Iterate quickly with your own
mobile mocap setup

With our motion capture tools, you ideas are always only minutes away from being tried out in reality. Our full performance capture tools can be set up anywhere and in no time, and you can stream your data directly into your final 3D tool with our native plugins. That way, you can step into your creations and work iteratively with ideas. Even if it turns out that your idea wasn't what you need, you've only spent minutes on testing it out.

Liberate your creative process, previs your ideas in no time

With many thousands of AAA-quality assets in the Motion Library and a full suite of full performance capture tools always right at hand, you can block out your scenes and bring your ideas to life at anytime in your creative process. A non-linear workflow where you are never tied down by technical issues is the best way to foster full creative freedom.
“For an independent artist like me, Rokoko has given me a big production value and an invaluable asset for my own home: to be capable of bringing the suit everywhere and working anywhere made my life as an animator so much easier.”

Include virtual production
in your pipeline

With your own full performance mocap studio in-house your can quickly test our an idea you just had in the morning and see the result in your game in the afternoon, it’s that quick.
We cal it animation rapid prototyping.

Integrates natively with your existing creative tools

Support Houdini 18
With our native Houdini plugin, you can livestream your data directly from Rokoko Studio onto your custom character in your scene and work with your animations in realtime!
Support Cinema4D S22
You can export your data from Rokoko Studio in FBX and import them easily and quickly to Cinema4D. On our YouTube channel, we have a range of tutorials showing the workflows we recommend.
Support Autodesk Maya 2020.0-2020.2
Livestream all your assets in real-time into your existing game engine or 3D
tool with our native Rokoko Studio Live plugins.
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Need Full Performance Capture?

We offer both body, finger, and face capture to give you every detail of your performance captured at once.
Combine the Smartsuit Pro with the Smartgloves and our iOS Face Capture app and sync it all in Rokoko Studio.
Export to FBX, BVH or CSV or stream directly into your favourite 3D tool through our native plugin integrations.


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