Best Unreal Engine 4 and 5 Metahuman mocap animation workflow in 2024

November 21, 2023
60 min read

This tutorial focuses on exploring the workflow for integrating Rokoko motion capture into Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) for Metahuman characters. Sam outlines the process step-by-step, covering various aspects such as exporting motion capture from Rokoko Studio, batch importing animations into UE4, utilizing Metahuman control rigs for mocap editing, live streaming motion capture from Rokoko Studio to UE4, and combining facial motion capture with Rokoko body and hand motion capture. The tutorial also delves into placing a Metahuman head onto a custom character's body.

For users looking for more information on Unreal Engine 5 (and 4) workflows to work with mocap animations recorded with any mocap system, see here as well.

Happy watching and learning!

Introduction to Metahumans

Sam introduces the video, emphasizing the precision and detail of Metahumans, equipped with facial mapping capabilities. The tutorial aims to address the curiosity surrounding Metahumans and guide viewers through the integration process.

Exporting Rokoko Motion Capture

The tutorial begins with the process of exporting Rokoko motion capture from Rokoko Studio. Sam covers the settings needed for proper export, emphasizing the use of UE4-compatible options.

Enabling Rokoko Plugin in Unreal Engine

Sam demonstrates the steps to enable the Rokoko plugin in Unreal Engine, a crucial step for compatibility and access to bone maps and assets.


Importing Metahuman into UE4

The tutorial walks through importing Metahuman into UE4, addressing potential quirks and providing solutions. The importance of selecting the correct skeleton is highlighted.

Sam also explains how to do the UE4 to UE5 Mannequin mocap transfer and how to make Metahuman compatible with UE5 Mannequin.

Metahuman Control Rig and IK Mocap Editing

Sam explores the use of Metahuman control rigs for inverse kinematic (IK) mocap editing, streamlining the process of refining motion capture within UE4.

Live Streaming Motion Capture

The tutorial covers real-time motion capture streaming from Rokoko Studio to UE4. Sam explains the steps involved in ensuring a smooth live streaming experience.

Facial Motion Capture Integration

Viewers learn how to combine Rokoko body and hand motion capture with Epic's Metahuman Animator, emphasizing the seamless integration of facial motion capture.

Customizing Metahuman Appearance

Sam guides users on placing a Metahuman head onto a custom character's body, addressing limitations in Metahuman body appearance and offering a solution.

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