How SteelSeries hacked creating engaging animated campaigns on a budget

January 2, 2024
5 min read

In the sphere of animation, the pursuit of creativity encounters obstacles when expressing specific movements and actions. However, a transformative breakthrough has arrived in the form of Rokoko's motion capture suit, revolutionising the approach animators take in crafting their creations. We met up with SteelSeries, who have been benefitting from mocap tech in their own animation pipelines for their creative campaigns.

At SteelSeries, renowned for crafting gear for dedicated gamers, the team faced a unique challenge involving animating a distinctive character - a fat, dancing orc - adding unexpected yet enjoyable content. While accessible for general animations, the precision required for specific movements remained elusive until the integration of Rokoko's solution.

The Creative Team, responsible for the visual and auditory aspects of projects, highlighted the struggle of sourcing appropriate animations. The motion suit empowered them to explore intricate animations previously deemed unattainable.

A pivotal project focused on launching the "Alias pro" microphone, tailored for gamers. Visualising sound variations, especially distinguishing between large and small sounds, became achievable with the precision of the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro. Its capacity to capture nuanced movements allowed for seamless representation of these subtleties.t unlocked possibilities for character animations and simplified previously complex tasks, making them accessible and manageable.

While traditional animation tools provide presets and general motions, Rokoko's distinctiveness lies in its unparalleled specificity. It grants animators the authority to dictate precise actions, such as a character's transition from minute to monumental, which previously would be extremely time-consuming to hand-animate.

The motion suit transcended being a mere tool; it became the conduit to breathe life into once-shelved creative visions due to technical constraints.


In essence, Rokoko's motion suit isn't just a game-changer; it serves as the long-awaited voice that gaming and animation craved. It dismantled barriers, enabling creators to materialise their imaginations with unprecedented precision and simplicity.

The journey of innovation continues as Rokoko's technology redefines the horizons within animation. With this newfound tool, creativity encounters limitless potential, propelling the animation world towards unparalleled advancements.

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