Rokoko Studio 2.4.0 - Major Feature and Performance Updates

May 23, 2023
10 min read

Rokoko Studio 2.4.0 brings exciting new features and performance improvements to the software. This update introduces retargeting, custom character import, pose correction tools, cloud sharing options, experimental VR chat integration, and VMC live streaming protocols. Additionally, a new animation system has been implemented, paving the way for future enhancements like AI control and Rig manipulation. This article will delve into the major updates in Rokoko Studio 2.4.0, highlighting their significance and benefits.

Retargeting and Custom Character Import

Rokoko Studio now offers retargeting and importing of custom characters in real time. The update includes a visual overhaul of the outliner and a new characters section. Users can import characters rigged on Mixamo, Unreal Mannequin characters from AccuRig, and characters from Character Creator or Ready Player Me. However, certain naming conventions, configurations, and poses must be followed for successful imports. The article will guide users through the process of importing and rigging a custom character in Rokoko Studio.

Pose Correction Tools

With the new pose correction tools, users can easily correct the positions of shoulders, arms, and neck in mocap recordings. This feature is particularly beneficial for capturing motion data from differently proportioned characters. By exporting the corrected mocap data directly to the character, users can avoid the need for retargeting in external software like Blender, Cinema, or Maya. The article will explore the functionality and advantages of the pose correction tools in Rokoko Studio.


VR Chat Integration and Beta Features

Rokoko Studio now offers seamless integration with VR Chat, making it easier to use Smartsuit Pro II in virtual reality environments. Users can enable VR chat live streaming in the studio and perform a full body calibration in VR Chat. While glove compatibility is not yet available, it is a planned addition. The article will discuss the significance of this integration and highlight the future prospects for VR-related features in Rokoko Studio.

Cloud Sharing and Project Collaboration

The update introduces the ability to create copies of existing scenes, allowing for easy sharing and collaboration between team members. Users can duplicate scenes created by themselves or others in their team, providing protection for the original scene while facilitating efficient project sharing. This section will outline the benefits of the new cloud sharing options and how they streamline teamwork within Rokoko Studio.

Rokoko Studio 2.4.0 brings significant feature updates and performance enhancements. The addition of retargeting, custom character import, pose correction tools, VR Chat integration, and cloud sharing options expands the capabilities of the software and improves workflow efficiency. Furthermore, the new animation system opens the door to future advancements, such as AI enhancements and control Rig manipulation. With these updates, Rokoko Studio continues to empower creators and animators with powerful mocap tools and an intuitive user experience.

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