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Customers based in the USA can now buy Rokoko mocap tools with interest free monthly installment payments, thanks to Splitit partial payments.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are partial payments /split payments / installments?

  • How does your partial payment solution, Splitit, work?

  • I received a "fund authorization" email notification for the full amount, what is this?

  • Do you offer loan financing through Splitit?

  • Who can use Splitit partial payments?

  • Do I have to pay any fees for using Splitit installments?

  • Over what period of time can I set up my installments?

  • Can I still get your 30-day trial return and refund if I pay in installments?

  • I have a discount code, can I use it when paying in installments?

  • Do I need to set up an account to use Splitit?

  • Why can’t I see the Splitit installment payment option at checkout?

  • Splitit isn’t working for me at checkout, can you help?

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