The science behind the Coil Pro

The Coil Pro operates by generating a known magnetic field with a frequency on the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum, even below most other common household devices.

Our Smartgloves have the technology and embedded hardware to detect their position in this known field, providing accurate global position.

This page outlines some of the basics of electromagnetic fields, talks about how the Coil Pro operates, and how it has been tested for compliance and safety, providing peace of mind for frequent everyday use.

Coil Pro mounted on a tripod

Understanding EMF

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are areas of energy generated by the movement of electric charges. Electric fields are created by voltage, the force that pushes charged particles, while magnetic fields result from the flow of current.

EMF travel in the form of waves and are characterised by their energy, frequency and wavelength. These three characteristics are related via scientific equations.

These fields are an inherent part of the natural world (the Earth’s magnetic field that makes a compass point North) and are also produced by human-made sources like power lines, electrical appliances, and radios. Another prevalent example is the nearly constant operation of wireless local networks (WiFi). Humans are constantly exposed to EMF energy.

The electromagnetic spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum, pictured here, encompasses every potential frequency of electromagnetic energy, from extremely low, such as a radio signal, to ultraviolet light emitted by the sun, to high-frequency gamma rays.

High-frequency EMF such as X-rays and Gamma rays are within the ionising radiation segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, where there exists the potential to directly influence DNA or cells. These are often used in therapeutic radiation and for other medical purposes.

Below this, the lower-frequency EMFs are not known to damage DNA or cells directly, and are utilised for many different applications: Wifi, Microwaves, Radio, TV Broadcast, etc..

Coil Pro operates on 3 fixed and tightly controlled frequencies, set to 21kHz, 20.666kHz, and 20.333kHz on the X, Y, Z axis of the product respectively.

Coil Pro operation

The Coil Pro has been designed to generate a magnetic field on defined frequencies on each of its three axis by driving a known current to flow through the X, Y, and Z windings inside the device. The electronics design ensures frequency stability, controlled by a crystal. This is critical in the Coil Pro system for performance reasons, but it also ensures full and precise control over the EMF generated.

The Coil Pro operates in the lower frequency end of the spectrum, around 20kHz

When we refer to EMF generated by household appliances, the EMF signal becomes significantly weaker at a distance. The magnetic field strength of the Coil Pro, for example, diminishes by the inverse cube of the distance from the device.

In regular operation when capturing motion with the Coil Pro, users will maintain a very safe distance due to the inherent “saturation zone” close to the product, where performance for capture is diminished. This is to say, that there is an added factor of exposure safety during regular use, where field strengths are much lower than what is measured 0cm from the device. This same field-strength diminishing principle is the reason why the Coil Pro has a maximum range that the user can be away from the product, as the field strength is so weak at large distances that it can no longer be utilised for global positioning. We recommend users to operate outside of the saturation distance (visualised in Studio) for performance and safety reasons, as well as to keep the device stationary (as it is the global origin, you probably don’t want that moving), and only interact with it when powering up.

Our commitment to international safety standards

International guidelines for public exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) are implemented and regularly updated by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The guidelines are endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission (EC).

The Coil Pro is certified to meet these rigorous international compliance standards, put in place to ensure safe and compatible products on the market.

These certifications and tests attest to the product’s controlled emission levels, environmental consideration in manufacturing, and commitment to public health standards.  

At Rokoko we are dedicated to maintaining safety in technological innovation, ensuring that the Coil Pro stands as a leader in safety within EMF motion capture devices.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

The Coil Pro was tested for EMC, which stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. These tests validate that the product is able to function properly without causing interference in their electromagnetic environment, or being affected by external interference. This also means that it is compatible with - and doesn’t disrupt other critical electronics devices nearby.

Coil Pro underwent thorough safety testing, including the "Electromagnetic Compatibility Test (EMC)" and the "Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)" test.

Coil Pro is compliant with the following standards

USA & Canada
  • EMC Testing: FCC part 15B & ISED ICES-003
  • Magnetic Transmitter Compliance: FCC part 15C & ISED RSS210 for 21-23kHz
  • RF Exposure: FCC SAR H-Field test per part 2.1093 & ISED RSS 109
EU & The UK
  • RF Testing: EN 300 330 v2.1.1 for 21-23kHz magnetic transmitter
  • EMC Testing: EN55032:2015+A11:2010, EN55035:2017+A11:2020
  • RF Exposure: SAR H-Field Test
Global - Safety
  • IEC 62368-1:2018 NRTL Certification
  • CB Reporting Compliance