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Tech Specs
The suit have 19 x 9-DoF IMU motion trackers embedded in the design.
3D orientation accuracy ± 1 deg

The hub is placed on the back of the suit and its main job is to collect all the tracking data from the sensors, fusion it and live stream the data to a pc.
Battery & Power
The suit is powered by an external power bank, see our recommendations here, you connect the suit via the USB power cables in the box.
2,4 & 5 Ghz - 802.11ac Wi‑Fi wireless networking
Fps: 100
Latency: approx. 20 ms latency on a standard WiFi router
Range: Up to 100 m
In the Box
19 x Sensors
19 x Cables
A Smartsuit Pro textile with 1 hub and 19 embedded motion trackers
A power cable
One waterproof suit cover
Software & plugins
Rokoko Studio is the default option, download it for free here.
Plugins available: 

- Unreal
- Unity
- Blender
- Maya
- MoBu
- Houdini
- Cinema4D
- iClone

Download plugins here.
The electronic parts can easily be removed from the Smartsuit Pro, so you can wash the textile in a machine.
Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty
30 days satisfaction guarantee and one year warranty are provided on all Smartsuit Pro purchases.