Rokoko Video
Free AI motion capture

Get started with motion capture using your webcam or video-upload and animate in minutes.

No trials, no hidden payments, no usage limits - 100% free

Sam, our Creative Director, giving Rokoko Video a go using his webcam

Now anyone can animate for free from anywhere

Built for our community, Rokoko Video unlocks motion capture for everyone, from creators just starting out to studio animators looking for a quick way to pre-vizualize ideas.  

Record mocap for free

No trials, no hidden payments, no usage limits - 100% free

Mocap video by @raffo_vfx

Accessible AI mocap

A simple 3-step process, start animating characters in minutes

No trials, no hidden payments, no usage limits - 100% free

Use your webcam...

Right from your browser, use Rokoko Video to record your movement with your computer's webcam

View the mocap data in Studio

Use Rokoko Studio, our free software, to view and clean up the mocap data (our filters, include a foot lock and drift editor)

... or upload a video file

Upload your archive footage, as long as there is a clear view on the subject's body motion the mocap capture will work

Export to .FBX or .BVH

Choose a skeleton (HIK, Mixamo etc.) and use the file directly in your 3D tool of choice (Blender, C4D, Unity, Unreal etc.).

Artwork by @marvelous_media_engine for the Rokoko "Love at first move" animation challenge

Get your move on in the Metaverse

When animating is as easy as using your webcam, your phone, or uploading a video, the possibilities are endless.

Try out free AI mocap

No trials, no hidden payments, no usage limits - 100% free

Frequently asked questions

Join our thriving Discord community to get answers to your questions and engage with other creators using Rokoko Video.

  • Tips to optimize your capture quality

  • Where can I learn how to use Rokoko Video?

  • How long does it take to process the mocap?

  • What if I don't see anything when I open Rokoko Studio?

  • Why buy mocap tools, like the Smartsuit Pro, if I can use Rokoko Video?

  • Where can I get more help?

  • What video resolution should I upload to Rokoko Video?

  • Carson Reed

    3D artist

    “Awesome work from the Rokoko team. With just a tiny amount of cleanup, these results are spectacular.”
  • Alexander King Kwame

    “I've always wanted to purchase a Rokoko mocap suit, but can't afford it yet, so this is a great way to start, thank y'all very much. This is awesome.”
  • Shiro


    “This is pretty awesome that mocap is now accessible to everyone. No fancy tech, fancy clothes or tracking equipment. Just a computer and a camera.”
  • @Beyondcinema

    “Great way to give back to the community. This is amazing!”
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