The ultimate guide to pre-rigged 3D models

The helpful ebook for both beginners, intermediates, and also seasoned animators.

3D rigging is the process of adding controls to a character mesh. Without a rig, your character can’t move. In this free ebook put together by our team at Rokoko we take an in-depth look at control rig types and their workflows.

3D character animators from all skill levels have to deal with 3D rigs at some point in their animation projects. Rokoko tools are used by animators on many different types of animation projects, we therefore wrote the ebook to be helpful to both beginners, intermediates, and also seasoned animators. We offer our suggestions on which character rigs we think are best suited for starting animators, students, game prototypes, commercial or non-commercial purposes and Blender users. If you are looking for comprehensive, reliable intel about 3D rigging, look no further!

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Credit: Marco Mori, Jon Noorlander