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Get high-quality and robust facial motion capture in Rokoko Studio with our face capture add-on for iPhone X and other true-depth Apple devices. Easy, quick, and fun!
*The Rokoko Face Capture Add-on
requires a paid Rokoko Studio Plus or above plan.
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Add facial animation quickly and easily

The facial motion capture add-on in Rokoko Studio enables all creatives to quickly and easily work with accurate facial animations. Set up in less than a minute, sync with your body and finger input in Studio, or use as a standalone device. Download the Rokoko Remote app for your iPhone and start recording or streaming seconds later. Perfect for previzualization and accurate enough for final render, this is without question one of the best affordable face capture workflows on the market!

Express your most vivid emotions in real-time

Based on the 52 blendshapes from ARKit, our facial motion capture solution lets you express your facial expression live in Rokoko Studio as well as streaming it in real-time onto your custom character in all major 3D content creation tools and game engines via our Studio Live plugins.

No jitter, no lag. iPhone's capture is robust, stable, and reliable

While the facial capture you get from the iPhone X might not have the level of detail of the vastly more expensive and cumbersome high-end solutions, it does have something that our users love - it never lets you down. The iPhone's capture is built to work in a wide range of conditions and from many angles. The capture is robust and super stable. You are free of jitter, lag, and sudden loss of data. And it just always works!

You can either place your phone in front of your face statically on your desk or
use it moving around with our chest mount or with another head-mounted camera solution.
Create face animation
Via the Rokoko Remote app for
iPhone connected to Rokoko Studio
Make audio reference
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"We just stumbled upon the Smartsuit Pro and ordered one. The setup so quick and took no more than an hour.."
"Having the possibility of recording the choreography allowed us to synchronise the projection and the artist perfectly. Without Smartsuit Pro this would have been impossible or extremely complex.”
Pindarica Theatre
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