Bring your 3D characters to life with motion capture

Games need engaging animations to drive the gameplay forward and make the visual universe as expressive and immersive as possible. Game studios, however, tend to down prioritize character animations due to the traditional cost and time associated with this work. With our tools, we make that process easy, fun, and affordable. Get an idea in the morning and have it in-game moments later. You can either stream your data directly from Rokoko Studio onto your custom character in Unity or Unreal or export the file (in FBX, BVH, CSV) and import it. We make sure that you are super productive, so you can focus on being creative.
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Ease of use and speed of setup

Our tools are faster and more intuitive to set up than any other solution on the market. You can bring your laptop and your mocap suit with you on location and be ready to record in minutes. Even actors, directors, writers and others without animation experience can operate the tools single-handedly and create professional quality animations on the spot.

Full performance capture with no keyframe animation skills required

If you can move, you can animate with our tools. With inertial motion capture suit and gloves and our facial capure solution, you can move freely and animate realistic human motions without being a professional animator. In Rokoko Studio you can easily sync your inputs into one file, create loop cycles, adjust your recordings, and stream it right into the final scene in your game engine. .

Iterate quickly with your own
mocap studio in-house

A quick turnaround from idea to final animation is key to having an effective and creative workflow. However, this is only possible if the tools you use are always at hand and quick to setup and use. Our hardware and setup solutions are completely portable, connects through WiFi, and runs on even a simple laptop. That means that you can bring your entire motion capture and character animation studio with you any where you go.

Game Studios like Ubisoft and EA have utilized motion capture to make realistic and high quality character animations for decades, yet the technology has never been widely adopted by smaller game studios and individuals, due to the traditional price and complexity level of these systems. With our mobile and easy accessible tools, every game studio can now start incorporating motion capture in their animation workflow.

Get your own in-house mocap studio

With your own full performance mocap studio in-house you can quickly test out an idea you just had in the morning and see the result in your game in the afternoon. It’s that quick. Stepping into your game whenever you want, where ever you want, is such a powerful way to immerse yourself in your creation.
“The gloves are amazing! It’s incredible how fluid and responsive they are. Also, super easy getting them to work together with the suit. The price is awesome and how it works with virtually any 3D package out there is a huge time saver. Rokoko totally crushed it with this product and are making the impossible possible for us.”
No Matter Studios

Thousands of AAA quality motion capture assets in our Motion Library

With many thousands of AAA-quality assets in the Motion Library even motions that you couldn't perform yourself are just one click away at all times. The Motion Library can be accessed through native plugins in Unity and Maya or through Rokoko Studio. Search between motion assets created by professional performers in Hollywood mocap studios and buy them for either $3 or $6 per asset. There are even 100 free assets to you started!

Integrates natively with your existing game tools

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We made it easy for you, all the assets you create with our tools can be livestreamed or exported into your preferred 3D tool and onto your custom character with our Rokoko Studio Live plugins.
!PLACEHOLDER! Supports 0.0-0.0 (it's for when tab is active)
Livestream all your assets in real-time into your existing game engine or 3D
tool with our native Rokoko Studio Live plugins.
!PLACEHOLDER! Supports 0.0-0.0 (it's for when tab is active)
Livestream all your assets in real-time into your existing game engine or 3D
tool with our native Rokoko Studio Live plugins.
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Need Full Performance Capture?

We offer both body, finger, and face capture to give you every detail of your performance captured at once.
Combine the Smartsuit Pro with the Smartgloves and our iOS Face Capture app and sync it all in Rokoko Studio.
Export to FBX, BVH or CSV or stream directly into your favourite 3D tool through our native plugin integrations.


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