Fred Dallo: creating engaging 3D content on a budget

August 15, 2019
5 min read

We’re extremely humbled by the fact that the Smartsuit Pro is accessible to users all over the world. One person we’ve been able to help bring their projects to life is Fred Dallo. Fred is one of the first people in Djibouti to work with green screen and CGI technology on a limited budget. Due to this, he has become a specialist in ultra low-cost productions, yet he’s still able to produce high quality content. That’s just impressive!

With motion capture being an unaffordable luxury, the release of the Smartsuit Pro suddenly made the mocap market accessible. Being an indie animator, Fred knew he had to take advantage of this tool that would greatly enhance his workflow. Fred works alone to save on budget, but because of this, he has to be organized, strict on time management and be able to complete projects on time. As a one man army, he needed a motion capture solution to complement his workflow.

"I chose the Smartsuit Pro because it’s a mocap suit that fits with my priorities: working fast at little cost"

Fred describes how when he first received his suit, he thought it worked great out of the box without the need of using Rokoko Studio to clean his takes. However, after spending some time with Studio’s various filters, he was surprised at how his mocap takes went from great to perfect in absolutely no time at all. His workflow consists of creating a script, creating the characters and scenery, modeling and texturing 3D elements, and recording voice over and sound design. Even with all of that work, he’s able to maintain a 3 to 4 day turnaround on his projects and the Smartsuit Pro plays a big part in helping keep to that timeline. We’re impressed with what Fred has been able to do on his own with the suit. We’re glad to be able to help bring motion capture to users in parts of the world that have never had access to it before, and we couldn’t be happier about that.

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